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Yamato says it overcharged corporate moving service clients by ¥1.7 billion


Yamato Holdings Co. said Tuesday it has overcharged corporate moving service clients by ¥1.7 billion over the 24 months through June.

During the period the group handled 124,000 moves. Inappropriate charges were found for nearly 40 percent of the total, or about 48,000 cases, according to Yamato.

President Masaki Yamauchi apologized for betraying client confidence and causing them significant inconvenience.

The company will return the overcharged money to the affected 2,640 companies as soon as possible, Yamauchi said.

Yamato collected fees based on initial estimates, without taking into account the amount of goods actually transported. In an extreme case, Yamato overcharged a single client by ¥190,000.

Such an issue, however, is very unlikely to happen in the group’s home-moving service, where fees and the amount of transported goods are closely checked, Yamauchi said.

Yamato has set up a lawyer-led investigation committee. The team will identify the cause of the problem and examine preventive measures.

The results will be reported to the company in August. The firm will suspend its moving service for corporate clients until it implements preventive measures.

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