While Japanese society and the media continue to exhort — nay plead — with women to find marriage partners, 60 percent of eligible women say they cannot feel relaxed enough to get interested in renai (love relationships), according to a Yomeishu survey picked up by cocolini jp.

As sad as it sounds, the nation's women appear to have joined the ranks of men as overworked employees, too drained from the daily grind. Specifically, women appear to be fatigued by the alternative — shokubano ningenkankei (workplace relationships) — and avoid going out on random dates, as they have now become synonymous with stress.

And when women can muster the energy to go out, 1 in 4 have confessed to having fallen asleep during a date. The overall feeling among these women is that the whole renai thing is overrated, strenuous and, ultimately, unsatisfying. Why waste time dating strangers when you can watch "Terrace House" in your pajamas or use a "love app" to hear the velvety voices of actors Takumi Saito or Sota Fukushi telling you to relax after a hard day's work?