Gentosha Inc. is taking kendama, a classic Japanese ball-and-cup toy, to a new level with a little help from DJ Koo, a member of f the Japanese pop group TRF.

Unlike most kendama, which are traditionally made of wood, the Avex Music Kendama has a red plastic body with LED lights and a miniature speaker.

Buttons on the grip allow the user to choose between three modes:

In the count-up mode, DJ Koo counts the number of times the user successfully catches the ball in the kendama’s cups or spike.

In DJ mode, the user’s motions are synced with analog, dub or techno beats specially created by DJ Koo.

Music mode allows users to play along to TRF hit songs “EZ Do Dance” or “Boy Meets Girl” while DJ Koo’s voice offers encouragement.

A definite collectible for TRF fans, the toy has the official blessings of Japan Kendama Association as it promotes it as a sport and a tradition.

The product was released on June 12 and has retail price of ¥2,500.

See more of the Avex Music Kendama in action: youtu.be/IazcXQBkT6M