Families, acquaintances dismayed by latest video of Japanese hostage

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Shock and confusion Sunday overwhelmed the families and acquaintances of the two Japanese men held captive by the Islamic State group as a new video showed a still image of hostage Kenji Goto holding a picture of what appears to the decapitated corpse of fellow captive Haruna Yukawa.

Yukawa’s 74-year-old father, Shoichi, told the media Sunday he was still holding out hope that his son is still alive and that he will give him a hug if he ever sees him again.

“My mind went totally blank,” he said at his home in the city of Chiba. “I cannot find any other words.”

He said he received a phone call from the Foreign Ministry around midnight Saturday telling him his son, a 42-year-old private security contractor who has been held since August, appeared to have been killed, though it could not be confirmed.

“I hope it is not my son, but I just feel awful,” he said, his voice trembling.

Meanwhile, Junko Ishido, 78, the mother of Goto, a 47-year-old freelance journalist who went missing in mid-October after entering Syria through Turkey, told reporters at her home in Koganei, western Tokyo, that her son “looks to be under a lot of psychological pressure.”

“He looked like he had lost weight (compared with the first video),” she said. “I felt his expression has changed. He looks tense, and I think he is under a lot of psychological pressure.”

Ishido said she appreciates all of the ongoing efforts to save her son, adding that “all I can do at the moment is to wait” for good news.

“Praying (for Goto’s safe return) is all we can do, and I am praying with members of the church,” said Hiroshi Tamura, pastor of the Chofu Church of the United Church of Christ in Japan. Until March 2013, Tamura had been pastor of the Denenchofu Church of the United Church of Christ, which Goto attended.

Naomi Toyoda, a photojournalist who worked with Goto in Jordan in 1996, said he also was pained by Goto’s exhausted appearance.

“Counting from the time the first video of him was released (Tuesday), around 100 hours have passed, but he looks as though he has aged five years,” he said. “I feel terrible, wondering what a sense of terror he must be going through.”

Toyoda, a member of the Japan Visual Journalist Association, said the group is planning to release a statement calling for a “nonviolent solution,” appealing not only to the extremists but the government as well.

Toyoda said the extremists may have read a statement the journalism group issued on its website in Japanese, Arabic and English on Tuesday, the day the crisis erupted. It emphasized its neutral stance on covering wars, saying its members “have been criticizing all forms of violence,” as well as “the Abe administration’s current policies that affirm war.”

The group also said Goto is “one of the very few journalists who has reported on TV and via the Internet on the suffering of civilians in Iraq and Syria.”

In the new video, a man identified as “Kenji Goto Jogo” could be heard saying in English, “Please don’t let Abe do the same (as what happened to Yukawa) for my case. Don’t give up. You, along with our family, friends and my colleagues in the independent press must continue to pressure our government.”

Toyoda said the phrase “independent press” — which is the name of Goto’s one-man office in Tokyo — may have referred to independent journalists in Japan, or the JVJA, and that as long as there is a chance the group’s message is heard by the captors, it’s worth trying to convince them not to harm their captive.

Meanwhile, Kosuke Tsuneoka, a converted Muslim and freelance journalist with links to the Islamic State group, said Yukawa’s execution, if true, is “extremely disappointing.”

Tsuneoka said an Islamic State commander asked him to serve as a witness to its “trial” of Yukawa under Islamic law following his capture in August, as the hostage couldn’t speak English or Arabic.

He said he went to the Mideast in September but failed to see Yukawa, and was preparing to go again in October to work for his release.

But Tsuneoka said his departure was thwarted by Tokyo police, who accused him of helping a student who wanted to join the extremist group and confiscated all of his contact information.

“His life could have been saved,” Tsuneoka said. “The tragedy that befell Yukawa was predictable from the very start. That’s why I was taking all these steps (to save him).”

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  • Capitalistcurmudgeon

    Blaming the Japanese government is wild stretch. Nobody forced these journalists to risk their lives.

    • Only Goto-san was a journalist who had negotiated Yukawa-san’s release already once before as recent as early October. Yukawa-san is/was just a wannabe para-military expert. Yukawa-san most likely got what was coming to him because he went to join the militia in the first place.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Blaming the victim is always so hip and cool. It makes you feel superior to the victim and in the end you are just accepting the crime as the normal status of affair.

        Yes, you risk your life if you go to those places, and people should take precautions, but from a legal and political stand point, people should not be fearing to be captured and killed in cold blood.

        The only responsible for this murders are the murderers themselves.

      • Look. Yukawa-san was there to become a part of the militia and start a private security company. He was a hired-gun wannabe and had no training or business being there in the first place. Kind of a loser like you. Goto-san went there in early October and Goto-san managed to save Yukawa’s life by negotiating his freedom and bring him back to Japan. Then Yukawa-san turns right around and goes back only to get captured AGAIN like a complete dumb ass!! That is down right IGNORANT. The only victim in this scenario is Goto-san, not Yukawa-san. However, if Yukawa-san WAS mentally ill, that is another story, and even then, the degree of illness is still up for debate.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Your opinion of this person is irrelevant. A crime was committed, and that shouldn’t ever be tolerated under any circumstance.

      • Opinion? Everything that led up to that circumstance was fact. You whine like a baby.

      • Shiki Byakko

        It is irrelevant. It is completely irrelevant the personal circumstances of the people involved.
        You don’t seem to understand that when a crime, specially something like murder, is committed, it really is irrelevant if the murderer person liked scar porn, and was in that place because he was looking for a magical unicorn.

        For example, I think you are a complete waste of space and the scum of the earth. It doesn’t mean that if you were to get murdered for doing stupid things you like to do, you “were looking for it”.

        Your mentality is the same of those who blames women for dressing too sexy when they get raped.

      • First, you are very wrong on my stance on chivalry and rape. How do you correlate that to this? Second, going to a enemy state and joining an adversary militia is a crime in the first place. ‘nuf said you fk wad!!

      • Shiki Byakko

        ISIS is not even recognized as an actual country by anyone. They are a bunch of terrorists claiming to be a world caliphate.
        I don’t know the actual legal ramifications about joining a militia, specially against ISIS, and I don’t think you do either, and you are just talking off your ass, but even if that was the case, that needs to get resolved on a court, and do not justifies the murder.
        I never said anything about your stance on rape, I did what is called an analogy, if you had finished first grade without bribery, you should be able to understand that.

      • It’s called treason… this is just stupid…. blah, blah, blah….

      • Shiki Byakko

        You can claim that, but that needs to get sorted out in a court of law.

        The funny thing is that, outside of the internet, I don’t know of any ongoing legal litigation against this guy.

        But yes, as you just said, this is stupid, discussing with someone who acts like a child and do not even listen is a waste of time.

      • Take it easy buddy. Relax… Did you skip your meds today?

      • Shiki Byakko

        Did you skip your argument today and went straight to the childish ad-hominem attacks?

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      • Shiki Byakko

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      • Shiki Byakko

        Your pseudo-credentials are meaningless.

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        You either need to get a thicker skin or some semantic lessons.

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      • Shiki Byakko

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      • Shiki Byakko

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      • Why do you have to ‘argue’ and not just respect anothers opinion? Why all the contention buddy? Go take your meds… the brown bottle by the sink.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Because this is a comment section. You are doing the same, that is what discussing a subject means.

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        The problem is, you don’t respect other opinions and think you are free to speak whatever you want, but when people do the same to you, you start crying.

        Grow a thick skin, or just don’t look at comments on the internet.

      • You really have an expectation of ‘respect’ on a public internet forum? Do you want everybody to suddenly say, “Yeah buddy, you’re right! I am totally wrong!”? Is that your level of expectation? How about sticking to the topic and not calling people ’70 years outdated’ or not baiting people like you have done on other postings? Why not stick to the point and present your opinion and then move on? Or, why not reply with your understanding and be friendly and not flame?

      • People like you really cannot confront people directly, right? You are like this on a public forum, but a complete loser in real life, correct? You have really low self-esteem, so you make up for it by being a troll on the internet, correct? lol Trolled a troll

      • Shiki Byakko

        I would not like to confront someone like you directly.
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        Relax dude. You have your opinion, I have mine. Get along children!

      • You really have an expectation of ‘respect’ on a public internet forum? Do you want everybody to suddenly say, “Yeah buddy, you’re right! I am totally wrong!”? Is that your level of expectation? How about sticking to the topic and not calling people ’70 years outdated’ or not baiting people like you have done on other postings? Why not stick to the point and present your opinion and then move on? Or, why not reply with your understanding and be friendly and not flame?


      • Shiki Byakko

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      • Fine. Nothing will happen because I am not spamming…

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      • And which one of these did I do? I have been on Disqus a lot longer than you and I think I know how this works. Same comment is posted all in different threads… duh!

        Yeah, because I have not been using the web since 1992 and I have not been using email since 1986, You’re right. I am wrong. I do not know what trolling is. You are absolutely right and anybody that has a different opinion is wrong. You are the most enlightened person in the world.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Again with the pseudo Authority fallacy. You really seem to be really insecure about yourself, with all the self reassuring arguments while insulting everyone else.

        But once again, it doesn’t matter what you think, of what technicality you think you are able to exploit. It’s up to the Disqus moderators to decide.

      • Will miss ya buddy! Take care. Secretary calling me into a meeting… take your meds!

      • Gerard White

        I wish spam had been banned when I was a child, we got it for school lunch every day. Was I spammed as a child?

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      • Ya really need to have the last word? It feels good to know that I have trolled a troll. lol Really got under your skin, huh?

      • Shiki Byakko

        I was just discussing the news, you may not like it, but I also have an opinion, and I’m free to state it.
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      • Shiki Byakko

        If you could state that, and the reasons, it would be more helpful than all the meaningless ad-hominem attacks.

        Simply saying, you are wrong, and not saying why is useless.

        If you don’t want other people criticising you, don’t post on a comments section. If you still want to say your opinions online, without anyone saying anything to you, make a blog and block all of the comments.

        If you want someone that will always agree with you, tell your opinions to your mother or get a girlfriend or boyfriend.

      • Keep it cordial buddy. Don’t take it so personal. Relax and don’t troll and flame.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Tell that to yourself. I think this has been your most ironic post so far.

      • Going back to work buddy! Will miss ya! Take care…

      • You really have an expectation of ‘respect’ on a public internet forum? Do you want everybody to suddenly say, “Yeah buddy, you’re right! I am totally wrong!”? Is that your level of expectation? How about sticking to the topic and not calling people ’70 years outdated’ or not baiting people like you have done on other postings? Why not stick to the point and present your opinion and then move on? Or, why not reply with your understanding and be friendly and not flame?

        Now I am down to copy/paste….

      • Shiki Byakko

        I don’t expect any of the things you just said.

        The posts were I was the most confrontational, were propaganda posts that had nothing to do with the news to begin with.
        If you want to talk about how a flame war is started, that’s one of the best ways. That’s called a provocateur.

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        Yeah, because I have not been using the web since 1992 and I have not been using email since 1986, You’re right. I am wrong. I do not know what trolling is. You are absolutely right and anybody that has a different opinion is wrong. You are the most enlightened person in the world.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Reported also for Spamming this comment too.

      • Different thread bozo… whatever.

    • Gerard White

      That is a rather ignorant, uneducated statement. Would you say the same thing about Japanese doctors going to assist famine, Aids, Ebola, refugees?

      I know from on the ground experience, when a Japanese national is kidnapped, the Japanese government would rather not get involved, they don’t want the media to cover any stories about (which admittedly is usually helpful when negotiating with hostage takers) even their friends and Universities are encouraged not to discuss it.
      In order to verify your statement you would first need to prove that Abe’s announcement of $200,000.0000 to aid victims of the war in Syria was not a ploy to win support for his unpopular amendments to the 70 y/o pacifist constitution.
      We all know following Fukushima that we can trust the Japanese government. And following the tsunami leaving hundreds of thousands living in school gymnasiums, shelters and other temporary accommodation; we have seen over $20 Billion committed to construction of err a site for the Tokyo Olympics.
      Can you tell me, how much has been invested into reconstruction of homes for those affected by the 11/3 Tsunami?
      I’m afraid, when it comes to assisting it’s own people, the Japanese government has a little to be proud of. Look at the 1995 Kobe earthquake.

  • Jalia Sarkaria

    My heart goes out for the family. But Islamic terror is spreading fast. Terrible days ahead.

  • MohammedtheLiarandPedo

    It is sickening to see the masses being utterly ignorant in respect of
    mental health conditions. More should have been in place in Japan to
    ensure adequate care and monitoring in the community for the man, who
    appears to have been entirely delusional. He should not be held
    ‘irresponsible’ for going to be a contractor. This was a sick person,
    living in my view, with a serious disability – a neurotransmitter
    problem – aka a mental illness. For him to be murdered in cold blood
    shows the depth of shame of the killers. Shame on the whole of Islam in
    Jesus name.

    • xexon

      Not the whole of Islam. That’s wrong thinking. It’s what the nazis did to the Jews or what we did to Japanese Americans during the war.

      You should not punish an entire group of people for the actions of so few…

      But you should go after the few.


  • Hugh Jorgen

    Nuke the bastards. Quite simple really!

    • xexon

      No respect for life?

      You have no comprehension of what radiation does to people. And if you think it’s not going to contaminate the rest of us, think again. It’s very easy to get into the food and water supplies as it travels around the earth on high altitude winds.


  • Tohmsa Hatrman

    Japan, how about reacting with the stoic resolve used when POW’s begged for their lives?

    • Shiki Byakko

      How about stop living 70 years in the past?

      • Tohmsa Hatrman

        The regard for human life is still an issue 70 years later. The hand-wringing is more an act than a conviction. I suspect that Japan expects the victim to take it like a samurai, it just cannot say so publicly.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Ok, why is the Italian government not making any apologies for the atrocities of the Roman Empire?

        What? That’s a different issue?

        Yes, that’s called cherry-picking an issue.

      • Tohmsa Hatrman

        Events two thousand years ago and events seventy years ago are hardly comparable. There are men alive today who perpetrated the atrocities against civilians and POWs.

      • Shiki Byakko

        I’m just going to reply using your same words.
        “The regard for human life is still an issue 2000 years later. “

      • Tohmsa Hatrman

        I don’t think a hostage would have been of concern 2,000 years ago, was not a concern in the Japanese POW camps, and is not a concern to the Japanese government today. It is all facade and pretext. Japanese militarists will use the kidnappings to beat the taiko drums for rearmament.

      • Shiki Byakko

        And I think you are a conspiracy theorist. Also your logic makes no sense, you are basically saying that both are the same… yet for some reason different…

        Yes, just cherry pick the issue you care about.

      • Your logic on a couple of threads makes absolutely no sense. You’re just a troll getting voted down by all. I guess your father did not discipline you correctly. Go back to making ramen or teaching broken English or whatever your loser job may be.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Getting down voted does not mean I’m a troll, it just mean some people do not like what I say, specially because I’m being confrontational.

        A real troll will turn a discussion into a bunch of ad-hominem attacks just to get under the skin of that person… oh wait, that’s what you are doing.

        I’m a video game producer and programmer. I’m also a music composer. I do some work also on the functional programming research field. I have no idea what you are or what you do, so I’m not going to assume any stupid thing, but what I can say for sure is that you are extremely pretentious.

        Implying that someone that works at a ramen shop is a loser really shows how insecure you are about yourself, also how judgemental and self-righteous you really are.

      • And the troll for today goes … You’re all over the place buddy. Settle down and focus. Quit skipping your meds… lol

      • Shiki Byakko

        I really hope you are 13 years old.

      • Whiny troll… take it easy. The meds are in the brown bottle by the sink.

      • Shiki Byakko

        A simple face-palm do not even starts to describe how I feel right now.

      • Trolling! Trolling! Trollin’ down the river… Dude, lighten up. You are taking this way to personally. You need meds to control your emotions, or something like that?

      • Really? You are that out of emotional control?


        You really have an expectation of ‘respect’ on a public internet forum? Do you want everybody to suddenly say, “Yeah buddy, you’re right! I am totally wrong!”? Is that your level of expectation? How about sticking to the topic and not calling people ’70 years outdated’ or not baiting people like you have done on other postings? Why not stick to the point and present your opinion and then move on? Or, why not reply with your understanding and be friendly and not flame?

      • And everybody, let me introduce you to Mr. Trollopolis… Nothing like trolling a troll. Take it easy lil’ buddy.

      • I see this too. I agree. Shiki is a tight white pants wearing take it up the a$$ kind of guy.

      • Shiki Byakko

        And I don’t know if you missed the memo, but the Tokyo Trials were to deal exactly with that.
        If you have any problems, tell them to the judges… oh that’s right, they are dead.

      • Tohmsa Hatrman

        For political reasons many Japanese war criminals were not brought to justice. It is a little late now, but films like “Unbroken” remind us of the cultural cruelty of Japan, so there is a measure of justice in the arena of public opinion.

      • Shiki Byakko

        There are historical films about almost everything. It still makes no sense why you are using this hostage situation as a political propaganda for your lets continue blaming japan for what happened 70 years ago even thou we live in a completely different world.

        As I say, on that issue alone you are trapped in the past.

  • xexon

    Japan doesn’t normally get it’s shirt tail caught in the nasty machinary of the Middle East. That’s what’s odd about this. I believe Abe has a made a HUGE mistake by enlisting the help of Israel. This is only going to endanger more Japanese.

    If I were Abe, I would look into the camera and address the terrorists,

    “The Japanese people will spare no expense in hunting you people down and bringing to your your own fates.” At that point, Japanese intelligence services should be given the green light to do just that…


  • Max Erimo

    A terrible terrible situation to be sure.
    But it is a little self righteous of these families to be pretending to be happy families. Mr. Yukawa by all accounts in the (foreign) media was delusional, (believed he was the reincarnation of a female Manchurian spy), failed in a suicide attempt (trying to cut off his genitals, but found by his wife and taken to hospital), homeless and then goes to a war torn country looking for the meaning of life. Where was his family before all this?
    As for Mr. Goto, I believe he has been doing some exceptional work in war torn areas, but again when the story turns to his family. His mother rang his wife, and proceeds to find out she has a new grandchild just born. How did she not know of the pregnancy? NOt a close family. I understand wanting to fix things, but surely for a country as Japan which says Family comes first.
    These are very common examples of the family first situation in Japan.

    • Shiki Byakko

      I always like how people think they have a saying or an opinion on the private matters of other people’s life based on small traces of information, without not even knowing the person.

      What about talking about THE CRIME that was committed. The private life and affairs of that person are not relevant.

  • Shiki Byakko

    Another idiot that lives in 1940. I think it is a miracle you are able to use a PC.

    • Speak for yourself. Do you even know what you are talking about? Do you understand the history behind this event?

      That person basically says the same thing you said in reply to my comment above. Go learn English comprehension before commenting… puri—zu!!

      • Shiki Byakko

        I’m sorry but I have no intentions of learning English for People with Special Needs.

        Comparing a current event with something that happened 70 years ago when Abe wasn’t even born yet, and expecting him to have the exact same response is dumb to say the least.

        Also, I hate how people use these issues to push their personal political agendas. That includes Abe if he does such a thing.

      • Whaaat? Now this is just babble. STFU!!

  • onlooker

    Soon Japan too will start to face Islamic militancy.. Almost all other major nations have faced it…and when the tipping point comes…the perpetrators won’t be spared..

  • Shiki Byakko

    Two words: Conspiracy Nut.

    • Gerard White

      Well as a former paratrooper, who served in Lebanon and hostage negotiator, now retired, but still capable and have an eye for detail. There are certain anomalies I can’t help but notice.

      and you Sir, on what do you base your astute findings?

      • Shiki Byakko

        Read the history of ISIS. They are the remnant of what was once called Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
        Almost everyone agree that to some extent they had been supported, at least initially by people on Saudi Arabia, like most jihadist Terrorist organisations.
        Until last year they were a branch of Al-Qaeda, but then they cut all ties because ISIS claimed to be a world caliphate.

        You are just following the path of the schizophrenic, trying to put together points that have nothing to do with one another.

      • Gerard White

        RALMAO: Clearly you know absolutely nothing of military history, what is euphemistically referred to as covert ops and proxy wars. Let me try to give you a brief synopsis:

        You could start anywhere, but as this conversation is about Islamic State then we need to start in 1945, towards the end of the 2nd world war, when the Americans realized they could not sustain a war with the Soviet Union without securing another source of oil.

        President Franklin D Roosevelt meets King Abdul Aziz Feb 20th. They agree the petrodollar. America can have all the oil it wants but America must never interfere in Saudi religious matters, Wahhabism, the most orthodox, ultraconservative, austere, fundamentalist, puritanical form of Islam.

        Awash with cash, the Saudi’s go about setting up Masrassas all over the Muslim world.

        Now leap forward to 1975. Jimmy Carter starts to recruit mercenaries to fight against the pro-poor, pro agricultural government of Afghanistan, they come from Pakistan, Saudi and Afghanistan tribal war lords. The predominant religion; Wahhabism. This was the first forming in modern times of a Mujaheddin Jihad army, which included a young wealthy Saudi by the name of Osama Bin Laden.

        1979 the Soviets invade, Ronald Reagan comes to power and massively increases funding and arms. The Soviets bankrupt themselves and withdraw in 1989. Al Quada is now an established force and the Taliban promote their interpretation of Wahhabism.

        Wahhabism is the form of Islam promoted by IS, but the Saudi’s are worried, as whilst Wahhabism is ok for the masses, well the 15,000 Saudi princes…. and IS is on their border.

        So the Americans, recruited, trained, armed and funded the Mujaheddin in the 70’s which morphed into Al Quada. In an attempt to oust Assad from Syria, the Americans set up base in Jordan to recruit, train arm and fund rebels to fight against Assad, but that morphed into what we now know as Islamic State, spreading Wahhabism.

        Of course there is a lot more to it, Iran Iraq war in which America funded both sides, two Gulf wars. But the 1st Lady visiting Saudi in American dress, is not going to give women the right to vote, drive, divorce, not be stoned to death or stop the beheading and that mentality is rapidly spreading, call it Mujaheddin, Al Quada, Taliban, ISIL, IS. Same same, different name

      • Shiki Byakko

        Your version of events is a mix between fact, conjectures and paranoia.

        Most of the so called not so covert-ops in the region have failed and or backfired.

        Wahhabism (which is not even a religion, but a fundamentalist version of Sunni Islam), is just a pretext for guys like ISIS, because it gives them power.

        Implying that someone (namely the US government) is funding ISIS as a covert op for some not so clear mysterious reason, without ANY evidence, is just plain paranoia.

      • Gerard White

        And Al Queda is a remnant is the American recruited, trained, armed and funded Mujaheddin in the 70’s in Afghanistan started by pea nut farmer Jimmy Carter and massively increased by Hollywood B actor Ronald Reagan.

        I notice you make an awful lot of references to mental health issues, not just in posts to me, but in the plethora of posts to others. Is this some kid of Freudian self recognition?

        You still have not explained what your experience is, where you gained your plethora of knowledge. I do note you hide behind a pseudo name, are they out to get you?

      • Shiki Byakko

        It’s not a pseudo name, it’s called an alias, and it’s in this case this is actually my artistic name.

        Now that we took that out of the way, the fact that the US trained and provided support for people who ultimately ended up in Al Queda is not proof of anything you are implying.
        If anything, it shows how ineffective and incompetent is the US government.

        They trained them with the hope of them being an asset for the US… and back fired big time. That’s one of the reasons why there are so many people who just want the US government stopping their ridiculous foreign policy that end-ups helping no one.

        Also, I’m not qualified to talk about this subject, but really neither are you, I’ve known people who worked for the military and have NO idea about the most simple historic facts of the place they just went to. And really, most of the things you have said can be easily researched by a simple wikipedia search.

        If you were something like an scholar on the subject, then you could claim that your credentials mean something, and even then that doesn’t make your lack of an actual argument any more valid, or your conspiracy theories more plausible.

        If you had some real insiders information, that’s a completely different story. But also we are in the Internet, anyone can claim they are whatever they want.

        As for mental health issues, I know a lot of people with mental health issues, and yes, I also have mental health issues, I have generalized anxiety disorder. So no, it is not a “Freudian slip”, I talk about what I know.

        And I also have friends who have schizophrenia and paranoia. Even thou I’ve never experienced it myself, I do know a thing or two about it.

      • Gerard White

        Hey whatever your name is, I am now beginning to agree with you. Well done for sticking at it. I agree 100% that the US government is ineffective and incompetent. Whether that is a deliberate strategy is unknown, someone is making a lot of money somewhere out of this mess.

        In Afgahnistan in the 1970/80’s they trained them initially to take down the pro-poor / pro agricultural government of that country. There is nothing America feel more theatened by than socialism.
        That then led into a 10 year battle against the Soviets. Bearing in mind America simply prints money, there was no way on earth the Soviets could ever win.

        I know what you mean about military personnel, they don’t refer to them as “Jar Heads” for nothing. You see that problem, especially with the Americans, everywhere they go, they just don’t understand the local culture, they get sucked into civil wars, between tribes, as they did in Afgahnistan, they hire armed militias who have been oppressing the people and place war lords in positions of power, when that fails, they throw $ Billions of $$ at it thinking well, if we give them money they will stop fighting. Well, of course, that doesn’t work either.

        I was not a scholar, I was a close protection officer, which means I was more aware of the situation than most. I am a scholar now, I study Law and Human Rights.

        Let me give you an analergy to try to explain my qualification to speak on the subject. My hobby is sailing, I have saailed accross the Atlantic 6 times, twice through hurricaines (once deliberately) and of course i have a lot of inshore experience. I can sit on a sailing yacht in the harbour and look at someone walk down the deck, I can judge very accurately by the way he walks, what he touches, his stance, how he moves around obstacles; how experienced a sailor he is, I can even possibly guess if he is self taught, learned causually on crossings or if he picked up his skills in the forces.

        Oh I have some real insiders information, I could tell you what really happened on Oct 23rd 1983, I could tell you the background story of Simon Mann, Equatorial Guinea and “Scratcher”. I could give you the direct line mobile numbers of the people who do all the real KRI work today.

        I am Scottish, I don’t know your nationality, if I did, I might be able to tell you some inside stories that I could only know by personal involvement.

        I guesssed you had issues from your correspondence, but then, who doesnt? At least you recognise it and if necessary take some mediacation. Which is far better than those poor sods living in denial, thning they have super powers

      • Shiki Byakko

        The problem is that you cannot rely only on pure intuition for things like this.

        Intuition is a double edged sword, it can give you real insight into something, or it can create the illusion of giving you insight when in reality it’s all part of your imagination.

        For brilliant mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr., the exactly same intuition that gave him insight for his brilliant work on Game Theory also made him think there was a big conspiracy everywhere.

        We need to be skeptics, even from our own mind and intuition.

      • Gerard White

        Everything is a conspiracy.
        Been nice chatting with you.

      • Gerard White

        Whatever; seems like IS can’t provide Proof of Life. The whole sorry episode has been a propaganda couo for IS,
        Thoughts and prayers with the Goti family.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Yep, it was kind of weird they would go from the typical video in the middle of the desert showing the actual people, to a simple photo with a voice over.

        I this it was kind of clear from the beginning this was all propaganda. At least that’s what I think.

    • Gerard White

      That’s 3 words actually. Con meaning together, Spire meaning to breath. So to conspire means to breath together. Strange how as soon as someone questions the validity of the official version of event’s so many people are so well programmed as to immediately call them a “conspiracy nut”.
      I can verify every word I have said and a lot more; but Mr Abe has already done so;

      “We will co-operate with the international community to make them atone for their crimes.”

      • Shiki Byakko

        Conspiracy is still one word, the roots of the word do not count.

        It has nothing to do with programming, or “questioning the validity of the official version”, it has to do with claiming crazy things without any REAL evidence, other than your personal interpretation and/or intuition on the subject.

        As Carl Sagan said, Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

      • Gerard White

        And I have extraordinary experience by any measure, including negotiating the release of hostage, including one Japanese.

        As you have already pointed out, you do not have any experience.

        It would be a breach of confidentiality to post real evidence on a public forum. But I can suggest you do your own research.

        The Renault Clio 13 with two “terrorists” outside the Charlie Hebdo building had chrome wing mirrors. The Renault 13 Clio 13 which was alleged to have been abandoned by these professional “terrorists” with one of their driving licenses inside, had black wing mirrors. Most of the proof has been taken down from the internet, but can still be found if you search deeply enough.

        Also, see if you can find the video of the actual shooting of the French police officer, again a lot of the media has been removed, but there are still clips of it. Can you see any blood?

        I said from the outset that this was a false flag operation with the sole intention of getting the Japanese public to support the changes to the pacifist constitution; it has succeeded in that; as Abe say’s; “will never forgive the terrorists”.
        ‘We will make them atone for their crimes’
        Who are the “terrorists”?

        Abe used almost the same words as President Hollande did on February 9th. (thus changing his stance on sanctions against Russia made just 4 days before and his commitment to officially recognize the state of Palesting

        Japan has just been sucked into a war which has nothing to do with it.

        If you want proof that very sophisticated false flag operations happen all the time, simply Goggle “Operation Gladio”

      • Shiki Byakko

        Typical conspiracy theorist response.

        Now we are diverging to the France shooting… ok?

        There are many videos of the shooting, witness… part of it took place in the middle of the street, for f’s sake.

        Are you saying that even people who took video of the incident are also somehow involved?

        That’s just paranoia at the highest level.

        You can’t see blood??

        Of course not, the video was took far away, with a shaky hand, in all of it’s blurry quality, and blurry video is ALWAYS a favorite for conspiracy theorists, because then, because it is not clear, you can claim anything. That gray shadow is actually a tank from the US military, that red dot is not just an artifact of the video, it shows there was a transponder inside their clothes.

        Also, a very simple question, wouldn’t it be better for a conspiracy, instead of using things that conspiracy nuts can spot with their “open minds” at the second the video is released… just brainwash some retards into doing it?

        I know that’s what I would do, the best conspiracy is that which not even any of the people involved have knowledge of.

        I researched Operation Gladio, and it says it was a clandestine Operation during the cold war, in the instance of a Warsaw Pact invasion… What does that have to do with anything?

        You have yet to provide any REAL evidence for anything you say.

      • Gerard White

        And Carl Sagan would be the first to agree that the use of words, the words one chooses to describe and event, are of great importance. Indeed, he often used Latin himself when describing experiments for the simple reason it is such a descriptive language with little room for error.

        Spir; meaning to breathe, in English (such an impoverished language) there is no verb for spir in the English language;

        However the English use of the word permeates throughout out language; aspire, aspirate, conspire, expire, inspire, respire, perspire and transpire.

        Use any of these words and yes, I would go along with your simple analogy; however “conspire” is an exception as an innocent expression ‘to breath together, in harmony, as a choir might’ has been perverted by the English language into such negative connotations one feels the need to point out the stupidity of using a word which actually means to breath in harmony in such a twisted, use of the word as to indicate some sort of ignorance.

        Why not use a word with more apt meaning?

        Plot, scheme, plan, collude, connive, collaborate, consort, machinate, manoeuvre,

        Surely your mind is not so limited?

      • Shiki Byakko

        Carl Sagan used a lot of poetic language. So what?
        There is still what is called common use of words.

        I hate this discussions about semantics, so just stop.

      • Gerard White

        you have already pointed out that you suffer from MENTAL health problems and that you have absolutely NO relevant experience.
        Further I note from your profile others accuse you of being a troll.
        Just take your medication.
        Again. Goodbye.

      • Shiki Byakko

        You are dumb.
        I said I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. You clearly have no idea what that is, so I would recommend you to educate yourself before using it as an ad-hominem attack.
        Why not instead of the personal attacks you make an actual argument?

        That would be nice and actually would help the discussion, the whole point of the Disqus site.

        The guy who said I was a troll was some weird creepy guy who started stalking me and posting hundreds of almost babbling responses to all of my comments.

      • Gerard White

        Yes, sure Shiki,
        clearly you are having trouble sleeping, are you feeling anxious? Apprehensive perhaps? Maybe you have problems making friends with real people? Family problems, perhaps a typical Otaku maybe?
        Do you anticipate disaster? Let me try and reassure you. DISASTER beyond your wildest imaginations is imminent, it has been in the planing for over 30 years, the money in your pocket is just worthless printed paper. The War on Terror is a hoax 30 years in the making intended to pull all nations into the 3rd World War. Society as you know it will collapse within days, it will take 3 days of no food deliveries to supermarkets, crippled utilities infrastructure will mean no gas, electricity or water. Governments will impose Martial Law, humans will be exterminated to conserve dwindling resources, the Ebola experiments are going better than expected with more than a dozen mutations to increase potential transmission already achieved.

        People with zero assets are expendable, even those with assets, will need forward planning contingency plans and the capability to protect both themselves and their assets.

        You are the one who feels the need to hide behind an alias; not I. If you wish to check out my level of intelligence I suggest you look at either my Linked in profile or simply type my name into Google + producer, you will see that this person you describe as “dumb” is so dumb that some of the worlds leading communications companies and scientists rely on my professionalism to assist them with communicating complex subjects. That is due my experience negotiating in POL conditions, situational awareness and the constant need to adapt, improvise, overcome.

        I have no need to make an argument with you. As you say, you have mental health problems, you have no relevant experience, you feel it necessary to hide behind a pseudo name.

        Now you have temerity to call someone dumb, something you would/could only say whilst basking in the glow of your LCD illumination giving you the false sense of bravado of the typical keyboard warrior.

        Now be a good boy and go to your medication, try and relax and get some sleep, conserve your energy for when you need it, which may be a lot sooner than you think. All the warning signs are there, you know they are.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Your half assed interpretation of what GAD is painfully stupid. Just superseded by your ridiculous conspiracy theories.

        My GAD is mild at best, and easily controlled without the need of any medication.
        Sadly, I cannot say the same about your condition.

        Go and see a doctor, really. No sarcasm, no adhominem attacks.

      • Gerard White

        Oh GAD, your so SAD, your condition has really touched my heart and caused much hillarity among the staff here in my office.
        Why don’t you take your pathetic little pseudo, false, artistic, non existent SAD GAD and simply go away as that would make a lot more people GLAD than it would SAD.
        You are a nonentity, with no identity and apparently no common sense either, you are such a fiction in your own imagination that the only existence you have, the only sign of any courage, eminates from your keyboard.
        Its been about interesting chatting with you as the average computer bot which we suspect you might well be.
        Now please go away with out deepest sympathies

      • Shiki Byakko

        I find it hard to imagine people at your office would laugh at me, and be completely in agreement with your crazy end of the world scenario.
        But if that is true (which I don’t think so, but could be), what a bunch of losers.

        Next time, try to have an argument, instead of meaningless ad-hominem attacks.

      • Gerard White

        And anyway, what has the use of Latin, an ancient and precise form of language, the bases of most European languages and still in use by learned academics, scholars, the legal and medical profession to name but a few; got to do with poetry?

        You were the one who chose to quote Carl Sagan, I was merely pointing out the ineptitude of your choice of words suggests a somewhat limited vocabulary.

        You are the one using a pseudo name, or alias or artistic name as you put it. I am now wondering, given your inabilities if perhaps you meant autistic alias? That would make a lot more sense.

        Why do you feel the need to use an alias at all?

      • Shiki Byakko

        I choose Carl Sagan quote because of the content of the words, not semantics.
        I could choose anyone’s quote that talked about the fundamentals of skepticism, but I choose Carl Sagan’s because it was the first it came to my mind.

        People who start disusing semantics in the middle of a discussion commonly do it because they lack of any substance in the current discussion, that’s why I told you to stop, but you go on.

        Latin is not used anymore outside of the Vatican, linguistics, and when you want to sound cool and/or pretentious.

        Stop going around these ridiculous tangents, show some real evidence for just claims, or just accept you don’t have anything or just shut up if you have nothing more of value to say.

    • Gerard White

      Thank you, I won the bet that you could not shut up.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Oh look, Mr. Bully is back, without an argument.
        Go away.

      • Gerard White

        now you sound like some screaming Queen

      • Shiki Byakko

        Now you hear screaming text (゚A゚;)ゴクリ

      • Gerard White

        Yes dear, have you taken your meds?

      • Shiki Byakko

        non sequitur

      • Gerard White

        quod erat demonstrandum

      • Shiki Byakko

        non sequitur… again.QED is used at the end of a proof. No Proof, no QED, because there was nothing.

      • Gerard White

        nihil fit ex nihilo

      • Shiki Byakko

        Or you just could said, Nothing come from Nothing, that is the common use of the word, but that would make your answer as completely dumb at first sight.
        Once again, non sequitur.
        And if you are not aware, that’s the name of a logical fallacy, not some deep philosophy or just a fancy Latin word.

      • Gerard White

        “Nihil de nobis, sine nobis”

      • Shiki Byakko

        stultus este

      • Gerard White

        Vultus in speculo

  • Gerard White

    Hey for the cost of two lives, the puppet masters just got Japans total and utter commitment to war.

    “We will co-operate with the international community to make them atone for their crimes.”

    Almost exactly the same reaction as the French after the January 7th killings. (Remember those “cheese eating surrender monkeys” who refused to join the Gulf war, said that they recognize Palestine as a State and were calling for a relaxation of sanctions against Russian?) Well now they have sent Je Suis Charlie AKA Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier “to co-operate with the international community”

    Has anyone done the maths? We are told there are between 20 – 30,000 IS fighters. Last September the Americans announced they had flown 1,400 sorties, since they have built a coalition and must have flown what 3,000 sorties by now? How many fighter aircraft? How many bomber aircraft? How much munitions used?

    I don’t know the numbers but it seems like an awful lot to kill a very few.

  • Shiki Byakko

    I love people who write like 10 pages of text, just to end with “I’m bored of this conversation”.

    If you are, then don’t write your 10 pages of text.

    The first videos were more clear than all the copies that appear after, because those were the originals.

    Every time there is an event like this, people just copy the video and repost it with crappier quality to get some cheap views on their channels.
    If you search good enough, you will eventually find the originals.

    I mean, that’s just the way the internet works, it is not a conspiracy.

    The positioning was a little too advantageous? It was in the MIDDLE OF THE CITY. If you see the videos, you can clearly see that there are a lot of buildings, all full of people.

    In this time and age a lot of people have phones that can record video, so yeah, the ones who were closer to the event, and took video were the most popular videos of the event.

    Also, things that love of conspiracy nuts is the fact that even visual effects produced by the lighting conditions, the way the video was shoot, the lack of proper white balance on most of these videos, is a always proof of some ridiculous claim.

    If you search too long for something that isn’t there, your brain will put it there for you.

    Question, the first time you watched those videos, did were you thinking already it was a conspiracy?, because if you thought that, OF COURSE you are always see something.

    Ohhh, spooky, it is not public knowledge the details of a secret clandestine operation with shady legal implications.

    Still, I don’t see what that has to do with anything… probably because I don’t have an “open mind” and I’m not seeing “the big picture”.

    Or maybe because I don’t have paranoiac/schizophrenic tendencies.

    • Gerard White

      You really are such a foolish boy, always assuming you are a boy. Thank you for the offer of your love, but like everyone else in your life, I respectfully decline.

      So now you have some expertise in video analysis and compression?

      I’ve already pointed out to you what the meaning of the word you are so fond of using actually is. Con – Spire. Simply means two or more people breathing together; by its correct definition, everything is a conspiracy.

      “MIDDLE OF THE CITY”. Yes, and how many other people did you notice wandering around? How did the person who took the closeup of the police officer being shot in the head happen to be in just the right position? Why were they not doing what any untrained person would be doing, running for their life, cowering, trembling, eyes wide shut and crapping fear. I’m sure you are more familiar with that sensation than most people; are you not?

      And you, with two masked men firing Kalashnikov AK47’s nearby, would you A) have been trembling in fear, B) Defecating yourself C) a combination of A+B or would you be taking pictures? Be honest now.

      The first time I watched the video, I could tell immediately by the way the weapon was made safe, the way people moved that they had professional training. I immediately contacted others with experience of these matters who confirmed the same. It is called situational awareness.

      Would you know what the difference between situation awareness and paranoia is?

      You will of course be aware that a Generalized Anxiety Disorder characteristics are remarkably close to paranoid schizophrenic?
      Do you suffer from uncontrollable irrational worries?
      Do you have an irrational anticipation of impending doom or disaster?
      Do you worry to an irrational extent about your health or your finances?
      Do you have difficulty concentrating?

      These are typical signs of psychotic paranoia, what the ancient Greeks (where the revolution is now underway) referred to as to be besides ones mind as opposed to inside. In Latin they called it for what it is. Madness.

      Have you considered a 2nd opinion?

      Likewise psychotic schizophrenia can easy be misdiagnosed as Generalized Anxiety Disorder as the symptoms are very similar; Common symptoms include confused thinking, reduced social engagement and emotional expression.

      You bandy these terms about so often, you really ought to have a 2nd opinion old chap.

      As for me? Due to the nature of my work, the people I work with, the insurance I must have, I am compelled to undergo physical, mental and psychological evaluations annually.

      You are doomed, doomed, marooned, entombed and doomed.

      • Shiki Byakko

        GAD is just caused by the natural worrying mechanism being overactive.

        People with GAD have a clear sense of reallity, in fact, probably you know people with GAD and they even are aware that the reason they worry so much about everyday events isnt because they are just like that, but because there is a chemical imbalance in their brains.

        Schizophrenic people do not always have a clear sense of reality. The fears do not come from normal things, but from things that do not even exist.

        In fact, schizophrenia tends to let them think they are somehow inmune to whatever conspiracy or plot against them exist, because they think they have insight on this conspiracy, and this will make them stronger and more powerful.

        In fact, schizophrenic people do not always have anxiety. One friend I have with these problems beleive there is a spirit of a fox that takes him over from time to time, but he is totally cool with it because he thinks he is friend of that fox spirit.

        Also schizophrenic people tend to deny their problems.

        By the way, understanding of mental disorders has advanced astronomical lenghts since the romans.

  • Shiki Byakko

    I’ve seen that film, “What the bleep”. It is a pseudo scientific film using “Quantum Physics” as a buss word to justify their mystical way of thinking, while showing a complete lack of understanding about what quantum physics actually is or how it works.

    Here is a tip, Quantum Physics do not explain consciousness. And in fact, most of the things they use in the film, like the Schrödinger’s cat paradox isn’t an actual model of what is going on at the sub atomic level, but a thought experiment to explain how we detect them with the instruments we have.

    The Schrödinger’s cat paradox, what it tries to explain, is that there is no way to know the actual state of a particle without actually looking at it, so it is convenient to assume that when the box is closed (when we are not actually looking at it) that all states coexist as one.

    The reason is simple, we don’t really understand what is going on, we don’t have actual models that can accurately explain the state of the matter at the sub atomic level, so it is CONVENIENT to explain it as if all the states exist as one when we are not looking, and only one exists when we are looking.

    It’s like the Wave-particle thing. The fact we need to explain some particles as having properties of a wave and a particle is just because we have no clue what is actually going on, and for calculations it is convenient to do it that way.

    Talk to a physicist about “What the bleep”, and he will laugh at it.

    Simply because what they talk about is a common misrepresentation of Quantum theory that people tend to have when they do not properly learn all the basics of particle and nuclear physics before going to quantum physics.

    I’m not going to search you on the Internet, simply because I’m not interested.
    And as I told you, this is my artistic name. Even thou I do try to keep people away from my private information, because I don’t want to get harassed by dumb and crazy people from the Internet, if you look deep enough, you can find a lot of information about me. But so what? I don’t understand your obsession with you wanting to tell me what are your credentials, what is your job, your life… honestly, I don’t care, and neither should you.

    • Gerard White

      So you have not watched my tailor on earch system science nor done any research on Fermilab?

      I agree with you about what the bleep, but it does break down quantum physics and if you are going to get your head around Fermilab then you need to start somewhere

      • Shiki Byakko

        If you want to learn quantum physics, go to college lectures.

        If that is too difficult for you, stop pretending as if you get anything.

        That movie only gives you misinformation.

      • Gerard White

        you realy are either a bot or simply a fool.

      • Shiki Byakko

        Well, you are the one who thinks What the bleep is a good movie to get yourself informed about quantum physics.

        I think that alone paints the whole picture.

      • Gerard White

        You are the one who is alone, SAD, GAD, disorientated, no real life so you sit in the glow of your LCD with you SAD little nonsensical stories, hiding behind an assumed name as your too afraid of even your real name.
        No go take your medication. I’m off to drop the kids at school, do some work then build a snowman, things that normal people with normal lives do.
        Have you ever had one?

      • Shiki Byakko

        www, is that what you think about me? or is that what you are projecting into me?

        Thanks for telling me about your inconsequential life, I thought I had told you before, I don’t care, why are you telling me you are going to drop your kids at school? Is that in anyway relevant to the conversation?

        Of course not, you are just doing a real sad job at trying to bully me, because apparently you think I’m kind of a hikkikomori that spends all the day looking at his computer in the darkness of his room, alone and depressed.
        Luckily I’m not the picture you paint, and as I’m starting to see, I probably are way more mentally and emotionally stable than you, but what if that was not the case?

        What if you were really talking with someone who was in deep depression, absolute loneliness and wondering about the worthlessness of his existence? What if that person told you he had mental problems because he wanted to connect with someone at some remote level, and then you just immediately used that to not only attack him but also ridicule him?

        What if that person was thinking about suicide way before you talked to him, and your words were just the last push he needed in order to take it seriously?

        Never thought of that?, I know.