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American detained in North Korea gets job back with Ohio city


An Ohio man detained in North Korea for nearly half a year got his job back with a city agency, but on condition he not travel again to a country where he could be easily detained, his attorney said on Thursday.

Jeffrey Fowle, 56, was released from his position at the city of Moraine’s streets department last month because of his prolonged detention. He reached a deal with the southwestern Ohio city to return to his post, according to an agreement on Monday with the city supplied to reporters by his attorney, Timothy Tepe.

One of three Americans recently detained in North Korea, Fowle returned to his home near Dayton on Oct. 22. He was arrested in May for leaving a Bible at a sailor’s club in the North Korean city of Chongjin, where he was traveling as a tourist.

Fowle can return to his job on Monday, but he agreed as part of his employment arrangement that his decision to travel to North Korea “seriously called into question (his) judgment, leadership skill, and priorities, and have raised serious concern about his ability to carry out his job.”

The agreement signed by Fowle stipulates that he not travel where “the predictable result of which could include extended incarceration,” the agreement stated.

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