Cat heaven is a place on Earth — and it's just 20 minutes by ferry from Fukuoka.

To go there, catch a boat from Shingu Port in Fukuoka to Ainoshima Island. It is a small island, some 1¼ sq. km in size, inhabited by around 500 people, most of whom make their living by fishing.

You will immediately notice the cats. There are hundreds of them, roaming freely. Almost all are feral, wild-living and battle-hardened. For cat lovers, the place is becoming a tourist attraction. The photographer known as Fubirai has spent several years documenting the cats of the island on his blog, and in 2012 his photos went viral on Buzzfeed. A steady trickle of feline enthusiasts are now making the crossing from Fukuoka — the residents of Ainoshima might soon supplement their income catering to the cat-watchers.