A women's group has started a campaign vowing to swear off sex with any man who is pro-war, to protest Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to reinterpret the pacifist Constitution.

The campaign was launched a week ago, on Constitution Day, on a website that encourages women to pledge "not to have sex with men who love war."

The group, Senso Rabu na Otoko towa Ecchi Shinai Onna no Kai, which roughly means Group of Women Who Don't Have Sex With Men Who Love War, says it's against any attempts to clear the path for Japan to engage in war-related activities.

"We are thoroughly opposed to, and determined to go on a strike against any (male) politicians, employers and businessmen who promote the idea of Japan exporting weapons overseas," it says on the site, referring to a decision by the Cabinet on April 1 to ease the long-standing ban on weapons exports.

The founder, when contacted by The Japan Times, said she is practically the only member of the group. The intention was to "spark public interest in the current government's pro-war policies," she said, asking to remain anonymous.

The website has a downloadable "membership card" that outlines its rules. For instance, they should confirm the men they plan to have sex with are "not supportive of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to enable Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense," and not "engaged in any business that peddles Japan's war weapons overseas."