Justin pulls ‘unbelieberble’ stunt at Yasukuni Shrine


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Canadian pop star Justin Bieber sparked a buzz on the Internet Wednesday when he posted a photo of his visit to controversial Yasukuni Shrine on Instagram, a photo-sharing service.

In the photo, which was shared onto Twitter Wednesday morning, Bieber is seen standing in front of the shrine’s main hall.

The photo, which was accompanied by the comment “Thank you for your blessings,” was quickly reposted by others and spread before being taken down Wednesday afternoon.

Bieber took some flak on Instagram for visiting the war-linked Shinto shrine in Tokyo.

An official Twitter account run by Bieber’s team also posted photos of him visiting Yasukuni, where millions of Japanese soldiers who died for the state in modern wars are inshrined, as well as convicted Class-A war criminals.

Some nations see the shrine as a symbol of Japan’s wartime aggression and visits by Japanese lawmakers and Cabinet members have aggravated diplomatic tensions with China and South Korea.

Later on the day, Bieber posted an apology on Instagram.

“While in Japan I asked my driver to pull over for which I saw a beautiful shrine. I was mislead to think the Shrines were only a place of prayer. To anyone I have offended I am extremely sorry. I love you China and I love you Japan,” he wrote.

Last April, Bieber caused a similar stir when he and his entourage visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. He posted on his Facebook page that he wrote in the museum guest book that if the 13-year-old had survived the Holocaust, she would have been a “Belieber,” a term the singer uses to refer to his fans. Critics said Bieber wasn’t taking Frank’s dire situation seriously.

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  • mary

    No, it is exactly “belieberable” … this boy is a complete idoit who never thinks before speaking or acting. That was exactly what people have come to expect from him. I feel sad for him and who he could have been with proper upbringing. His parents are terrible people and not parental at all. Prehaps he will live long enough to grow up. His father shares drugs with him you know…

  • dirkadirka

    he reminds me of frank from some mothers do ave em lol

  • Bieber
    should hang out … with the naked cowboys at Ram Ranch.

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  • kbg88

    Who cares if he visits a shrine? Actually, I don’t care what he does. His Michael Jackson “glove” is low fashion. His hair ugly. He wouldn’t win on “The Voice” these days. Amazes me how he has risen to such a “star”. Nothing “unique” about him.

  • andyoo

    he is just an non-educated idot.
    what do you expect?

  • wrle

    rich as a sheikh
    dumb as a post

  • BubblesGump

    What’s a Bieber?? I’d call him a tool, but tools are useful.

  • JoeCoffee

    At least he didn’t try to urinate on the shrine, or twerk, or pose with his tongue out. Maybe there’s hope….

  • Michael

    He really needs to hire someone with a brain to counter his stupidity… but to do so, he would have to have some sense of his own.

  • Dan Atatakai

    With so many people enshrined there, it is amazing how much “stink” has been made because a grand total of 15 apparent war criminals were there as well. Out of more than a million, 15 is a drop in the bucket, so why the big deal?

    • KC

      The big deal comes from the fact that 1000 war criminals (15 were classified as Class-A) are not only buried there but also due to events like Japanese government officials paying their respects annually to the aforementioned individuals. A similar scenario would be if Hitler was buried in a shrine built by the Germans along with other war criminals and Bieber made a stop there doing the exact same thing as he did in Yasukuni. I believe that the world would raise a much bigger “stink”.
      The issue in this case does not arise from the total number individuals buried there and the focus on a mere “15 war criminals”, but rather from the underlying political and historical issues between the nations and a lack of sensitivity (although, understandably from Bieber’s part).

      • TeaTown Cowboy

        So, your country doesn’t have any war criminals? You had better read up on some history instead of all the damn propaganda being fed to you since you got old enough to get out of the crib.

      • KC

        It is hardly propaganda if it is a historical fact. My country has plenty of war criminals I am sure, but we don’t build a goddamn shrine. You had better read up on some history instead of spewing out some incoherent gibberish.l

      • TeaTown Cowboy

        That shrine isn’t just for war criminals you buffoon. And yet you claim you know your history. #FAIL

      • KC

        Of course the shrine is not just for war criminals. I never said it was solely for it. I should add I am part Japanese. So yes, I would know my own country’s history. #IGNORANT.

  • jose antonio riveracardoza

    he is a clown with a peanut brain

  • thivai

    There are hundreds of thousands of shrines and temples in Japan, and he picks the one and only most controversial Yasukuni? I this a scheme for more scandal media attention, or is someone tricking him into doing stuff like that? Seriously, though, if he wanted to pull a “Lost in Translation”, he should have payed a visit to Kyoto…

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    So honoring war dead is wrong unless it’s Americans or Brits or whatever? People are #HYPOCRITES!

  • Timoty Sullivan

    i hope the japanese custum will not allowed him to enter in japan with that tattos.
    biebes , please go home, to study, to think, .But you can’t think, you are only a toy, a stupid toy