Teito Rapid Transit Authority said Thursday it overcharged passengers who used its fare adjustment machines under certain conditions for about one year due to a programming error.

The operator of Tokyo’s Eidan subway network said passengers were overcharged between March 19, 2003, and Tuesday.

Around 4,000 passengers were overcharged up to 100 yen each time they used the fare adjustment machines, it said. Passengers who have commuter passes for both the Teito subway lines and Tokyo metropolitan government-operated Toei subway lines and the private railway lines that have through connections with subway lines were affected, it said.

Passengers who caught trains at private railway stations with such passes but used their subway passes at fare adjustment machines when exiting at Eidan subway stations were affected, Teito officials said.

Teito said it will refund money to affected passengers through May 24 at all Eidan subway stations except Kitasenju, Nakameguro, Nakano, Nishi Funabashi, Yoyogi Uehara, Wakoshi and Meguro.

For more information, contact the subway operator at (03) 3837-7120.

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