Kyodo News

Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party was expected to take 64 of the 180 proportional representation seats in the House of Representatives in Sunday’s general election, according to a nationwide exit poll by Kyodo News.

According to the Kyodo survey, the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan was poised to come second with 52 seats.

A total of 1,404 candidates are vying for 480 seats in the Lower House — 300 in single-seat constituencies and the remaining 180 in the proportional representation section.

New Komeito, one of the LDP’s coalition partners, was expected to take 15 seats, while the other coalition ally, the New Conservative Party, was expected to take none, the survey showed.

The Japanese Communist Party was expected to take 19 seats, the Liberal Party 16 and the Social Democratic Party 14 seats.

The poll also showed that in 80 single-seat constituencies, the LDP was expected to take 27, while the DPJ was expected to take 41.

The JCP was expected to take two, and the Independents Club was expected to take three, while the New Komeito, the NCP, the LP, the SDP and the Liberal League were expected to take one each. Independents were expected to win in two constituencies, the survey showed.