Sharp Corp. will introduce new models of the Power Zaurus, a pocket-size mobile computer, on March 12, the company said Tuesday.

The new Power Zaurus MI-600 series is the third color-screen Zaurus model, and Sharp has added several new functions to the current MI-500 series, which first hit the market last July, according to the firm.

Maps of major Japanese cities can be installed on the new Power Zaurus, which has a 10-megabit memory and its data can be projected onto an ordinary TV screen by using a separate video output card. Visual data can also be installed using a digital camera card attached to the model.

Sharp, the pioneer in this sector, had sold a total of 1.45 million units of various Zaurus models as of last month, and the company has set a sales target of 20,000 units a month for the new MI-600 series. The Power Zaurus MI-610 DC is priced at 168,000 yen and the Power Zaurus MI-610, which does not include a digital camera card, is 130,000 yen.

Like the MI-500 series, the new model can also be connected to the Internet and to other personal computers. It also has e-mail and address book functions.