Almost two months after the 能登半島地震 (Nōto hantō jishin, Noto Peninsula Earthquake), tourist destinations in the broader region continue to struggle financially.

Although damage to tourist spots like 金沢 (Kanazawa, Kanazawa) was limited due to the city’s distance from the quake’s 震源 (shingen, epicenter), hotels in the broader 北陸 (Hokuriku, Hokuriku) region are facing cancellations anyway.

One reason tourists may be staying away is either casual 噂 (uwasa, rumors) or a more serious 風評 (fūhyō, rumors). While 噂 can be used among friends and colleagues to mean 噂話 (uwasa-banashi, gossip), 風評 suggests more widespread reputational damage resulting from misinformation, also referred to as 風評被害 (fūhyō higai). This includes 根拠のない噂などで本来は無関係であるはずの人や団体が受ける損害 (konkyo no nai uwasa nado de honrai wa mu-kankei de aru hazu no hito ya dantai ga ukeru songai, damage inflicted on individuals or organizations originally unrelated that is driven by groundless rumors).