Japanese blended whisky has long been revered for its intricate balance and artistry. In a collaboration between Hotel The Mitsui and Hibiki Whisky, a novel series of dinner events highlights the drink’s versatility. Underway until Dec. 21, the events feature 12-course tasting menus accompanied by a selection of Hibiki whiskies at Toki, the hotel’s innovative French restaurant.

While whisky-and-food pairings remain relatively uncommon — due in part to the spirit’s high alcohol content and rich flavors — Suntory’s beverage supervisor, Hideaki Takemura, presents the drink in an array of expressions. Highball cocktails and herb-infused concoctions soften the alcoholic punch while bringing out specific aromas that complement the Kyoto-inflected French cuisine of chef Tetsuya Asano.

A blend of whiskies from Suntory’s three Japanese distilleries, Hibiki exhibits a fine texture and sophisticated character. Likewise, the refined fusion cuisine at Toki reflects the delicacy of Kyoto’s famous kaiseki (multicourse Japanese haute cuisine).