This weekend sees the return of Roppongi Art Night in Tokyo, a weekend-long, all-night celebration of artists that was first held in 2009.

今年は「都市のいきもの図鑑」をテーマに、絵画や彫刻などの大がかりな展示に加えてコンサートも予定されています (Kotoshi wa “Toshi no ikimono zukan” o tēma ni, kaiga ya chōkoku nado no ōgakarina tenji ni kuwaete konsāto mo yotei sarete-imasu, This year, under the theme “Urban Life Encyclopedia,” a large-scale exhibition of paintings and sculptures as well as concerts are scheduled). This weekend will also provide a good opportunity to brush up on the way you express appreciation for art in Japanese.

鑑賞する (Kanshō suru, to view with appreciation) is probably the most common verb used when describing the act of looking at art, but it can also be used with other artistic mediums. For example, we can say, 演劇を鑑賞する (engeki o kanshō suru, to watch a play) or phrases like (私の)趣味は映画鑑賞です ([watashi no] shumi wa eiga kanshō desu, [my] hobby is watching movies).