Multidimensional style

The presence of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in fashion has gone from novelty to de rigueur alarmingly quickly. For items presumably prized for their rarity, the explosion of designers selling clothing with bonus NFTs has made them anything but. Still, without the real-world runways of the street to show off our finery, we need some way to peacock online and — for now at least — with NFTs it is.

When it comes to fashion, the NFTs in question are usually an image file and digital token of an illustration or graphic based on the collection, or a photograph from the lookbook. In many ways, NFTs are a way of tangibly selling a brand’s image or aesthetic, rather than an actual garment — much like the way high-end brands sell comparatively affordable perfumes or makeup. While it is very easy to be cynical about the value (or lack thereof) of NFTs, they clearly fill a very human need to have a souvenir of a moment that means something to you. An “I was there” memento for the pandemic era.