Looking for a romantic destination for Valentine's Day this year? Perhaps kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) is the way to go, at least based on one chain's new dessert offerings.

Sushiro has been on the cutting edge of adding non-fish offerings into its menu over the last few years, and with its newest chocolate cake option released just ahead of Feb. 14, the sushi chain sweets game has been upped yet again. The dessert (¥280 before tax) is a collaboration with boutique brand Cacao Hunters, and features a mix of two types of cacao sourced from Colombia, topped off by an additional 53% milk chocolate square.

If you’ve historically been hesitant to give Sushiro's desserts a try, that’s to be expected. This is fast food sushi, not Pierre Herme. Yet this chocolate cake delivers great flavor, and the two types of cacao add some depth to what could easily be a one-note dessert. Factor in the price point, and this cake should steal your heart this month.