Words and phrases

新型(しんがた)コロナウイルス novel coronavirus

影響 (えいきょう) effect

密接 (みっせつ) close connection/contact

密集 (みっしゅう) crowding

避(さ)ける to avoid

自然 (しぜん) nature

豊(ゆた)かな rich

旅先 (たびさき) travel destination

働(はたら)く to work

ワーケーション workation

関心 (かんしん) interest

高(たか)まる to heighten, to grow

各地 (かくち) various regions

受(う)け入(い)れ reception, acceptance

態勢 (たいせい) condition, preparedness

整備 (せいび) improvement, preparation

広(ひろ)がる to spread, to expand

旗振(はたふ)り役(やく) a proponent

環境省 (かんきょうしょう) Environment Ministry

国立公園 (こくりつこうえん) national park

宿泊施設 (しゅくはくしせつ) lodging facility

キャンプ場(じょう) camping ground

〜に対(たい)し for 〜

設置 (せっち) installation

費用 (ひよう) expense

補助 (ほじょ) aid, subsidy

など and others

支援(しえん)する to support

ただ but

感染 (かんせん) infection

収束 (しゅうそく) settling

〜の見通(みとお)しが立(た)たない unable to predict whether 〜

担当者 (たんとうしゃ) representative

実際(じっさい)に actually

始(はじ)める to start

時期 (じき) timing

方法 (ほうほう) means, the how

柔軟(じゅうなん)に flexibly

決(き)める to decide

話(はな)す to say

日光国立公園 (にっこうこくりつこうえん) Nikko National Park

中禅寺金谷(ちゅうぜんじかなや)ホテル Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel

客室 (きゃくしつ) guest room

〜とは別(べつ)に separate from 〜

最大 (さいだい) maximum

3人 (さんにん) three people

利用(りよう)する to use

ワーキングスペース working space

設(もう)ける to set up, to prepare

午前中 (ごぜんちゅう) in the morning, a.m.

午後 (ごご) in the afternoon, p.m.

家族 (かぞく) family

〜と一緒(いっしょ)に with 〜

トレッキング trekking

カヌー canoe

楽(たの)しむ to enjoy

プラン plan

提案(ていあん)する to make a proposal

語(かた)る to tell

Quick questions

1) 「ワーケーション」とは何ですか?

2) 環境省はどのような支援をしていますか?

3) 中禅寺金谷ホテルのワーケーションのプランはどのようなものですか?


Due to the effects of the novel coronavirus, there has been increased interest in “workations,” where you work at a destination rich in nature and avoid close contact (with others) and crowding, and the preparation of conditions to receive (such visitors) are spreading to various regions. The Environment Ministry, a proponent (for the initiative), supports subsidies for the expense of Wi-Fi installation at lodging facilities in national parks and campgrounds. But, unable to predict whether the infection will settle, a (ministry) representative said, “Actually, we’d like the hosts to be flexible with the timing and method of when to start such reception.”

The Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel in Nikko National Park will set up a working space separate from the guest rooms that can be used by a maximum of three people. “During the a.m. (you can) work, in the p.m. we’d like to propose a plan with (your) family to go trekking or enjoy the canoes,” a (hotel) representative said.


1) What is a “workation”?


Work in a destination rich with nature.

2) What kind of support does the Environment Ministry provide?


It supports subsidies for the expense of Wi-Fi installation at lodging facilities in national parks and campgrounds.

3) What kind of workation plan does the Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel have?


A plan in which guests can work in the a.m. and enjoy activities such as trekking and canoeing with their families in the p.m.

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