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高市早苗総務相は26日の閣議後記者会見で、悪意のある投稿を抑止するための制度改正を検討する意向を表明。年内に改正案をまとめる方針だ。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

会員制 (かいいんせい) membership-based

交流(こうりゅう)サイト communication site, social networking site

誹謗中傷 (ひぼうちゅうしょう) abuse, defamation

受(う)ける to receive

女子(じょし)プロレスラー female professional wrestler

木村花 (きむらはな) Hana Kimura

死去 (しきょ) death

〜を巡(めぐ)り regarding〜

政府 (せいふ) government

インターネット上(じょう)に on the internet

悪意(あくい)のある malicious

投稿 (とうこう) post

人 (ひと) person, individual

特定 (とくてい) identification

容易 (ようい)にする to make easy, to simplify

制度改正 (せいどかいせい) systematic reform

議論 (ぎろん) discussion

〜を本格化(ほんかくか)させる to begin full-scale efforts to〜

方針 (ほうしん) policy, plan

示(しめ)す to indicate, to present

現在(げんざい)は currently, at present

訴訟 (そしょう) lawsuit

持(も)ち込(こ)む to bring into

〜しないと … されない unless 〜 it will not be …

情報 (じょうほう) information

開示(かいじ)する to disclose

多(おお)い many

迅速(じんそく)な speedy

〜に向(む)けた toward〜, for〜

方策 (ほうさく) measure

探(さぐ)る to explore

氏名 (しめい) name

など and others

〜に加(くわ)えて in addition to 〜

電話番号 (でんわばんごう) telephone number

対象 (たいしょう) subject

検討(けんとう)する to consider

ただ however

表現(ひょうげん)の自由(じゆう) freedom of expression

通信(つうしん)の秘密(ひみつ) confidentiality of communication

損(そこ)なう to damage, to infringe

懸念 (けねん) concern, fear

高市早苗 (たかいちさなえ) Sanae Takaichi

総務相 (そうむしょう) Internal Affairs and Communications Minister

閣議 (かくぎ) Cabinet meeting

〜後 (ご) after 〜

記者会見 (きしゃかいけん) press conference

抑止(よくし)する to curb

意向 (いこう) intent

表明(ひょうめい)する to express, to announce

年内(ねんない)に by year’s end [lit. “within the year”]

改正案 (かいせいあん) reform proposal, amendment bill

まとめる to compile

Quick questions

1) 制度改正によって何が容易になりますか?

2) 政府はどのような情報の開示を検討していますか?

3) 改正案はいつまでにまとまる予定ですか?


Regarding the death of female professional wrestler Hana Kimura (22), who received defamation on social media (SNS), the government announced May 26 its plan to begin full-scale efforts on discussions of systemic reforms to make simpler identification of those who post malicious [content] on the internet. Currently, if a lawsuit is not brought forward then there are many times when information is not disclosed, but measures toward speedier disclosure of information are being explored, names in addition to phone numbers are among the subjects under consideration of being disclosed. However, there are concerns that such measure infringe on people’s “freedom of expression” and “secrecy of communication” [privacy].

At a news conference after a Cabinet meeting on the 26th, communications minister Sanae Takaichi said the government will consider revising the system to curb online abuse. It plans to compile draft legislation by the end of this year.


1) What will be simplified through systematic reform?


Procedures in identifying those people who write malicious posts online.

2) What kind of information is the government considering disclosing?


Posters’ names and telephone numbers.

3) When does [the government] intend to compile reform proposals by?


Year’s end.

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