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緊急事態宣言翌日の8日夜、東京・歌舞伎町には「ツボミカフェ」と名付けられたピンク色のバスが登場。街をさまよう少女たちに温かい食事などを無料で振る舞った。2018年からコラボが始めた活動で、支援の拠点となってきた。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

新型(しんがた)コロナウイルス novel coronavirus

~による due to, in relation to ~

外出自粛 (がいしゅつじしゅく) voluntarily not leaving one’s home [sheltering in place]

~の影響(えいきょう)で owing to ~, as a consequence of ~

貧困 (ひんこん) poverty

虐待 (ぎゃくたい) abuse

~のため because of, owing to ~

自宅 (じたく) home

いられない cannot stay

事情 (じじょう) reason, situation

少女 (しょうじょ)ら girls

さらに even more, further

苦境 (くきょう) difficult conditions, hardship

~に追(お)い込(こ)む to push into ~

支援 (しえん) support

~に取(と)り組(く)む to engage in ~

一般社団法人 (いっぱんしゃだんほうじん) general incorporated association

東京都内 (とうきょうとない) within the Tokyo metropolitan area

ホテル hotel

緊急滞在先 (きんきゅうたいざいさき) emergency accommodation, shelter

確保(かくほ)する to secure

利用 (りよう) use

呼(よ)び掛(か)ける to appeal to

緊急事態宣言 (きんきゅうじたいせんげん) state of emergency declaration

翌日 (よくじつ) the following day

8日 (ようか) the 8th

夜 (よる) night

東京 (とうきょう) Tokyo

歌舞伎町 (かぶきちょう) Kabukicho

ツボミカフェ Tsubomi Cafe

~と名付(なづ)けられる to be called ~

ピンク色(いろ) pink

バス bus

登場 (とうじょう) arrival/appearance

街 (まち) city, town

さまよう to wander

温(あたた)かい hot, warm

食事 (しょくじ) meal

など and others

無料(むりょう)で for free

振(ふ)る舞(ま)う to offer

2018年 (にせんじゅうはちねん) the year 2018

~から from ~

始(はじ)める to begin

活動 (かつどう) activity, effort

拠点 (きょてん) hub

~となる to become

Quick questions

1) 外出自粛はどんな少女たちを苦境に追い込んでいますか?

2) ツボミカフェとは何ですか?

3) ツボミカフェでは少女たちにどんな支援をしていますか?


Owing to a shelter-in-place (request) due to the novel coronavirus, young women who are in the circumstance of not being at home due to poverty and abuse, have been further pushed into hardship. Colabo, a general incorporated association engaged in support (for such women), has secured emergency accommodation in hotels within the Tokyo metropolitan area, and is encouraging girls to use them.

On the night of the 8th, the day following the declaration of a state of emergency, a pink bus called the “Tsubomi Cafe” appeared in Kabukicho, Tokyo. Hot food, among other things, was offered free to girls wandering the city streets. (The cafe) has come to be a hub of support since Colabo began its activities in 2018.


1) What types of girls have been pushed further into hardship due to (the request to) voluntarily not leave one’s home?


The girls who cannot stay at home due to abuse, poverty or other reasons.

2) What is the Tsubomi Cafe?


It is a pink bus which serves as a hub of support for girls wandering around the city.

3) What kind of support is provided at Tsubomi Cafe?


It offers hot food, among other things, for free.

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