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Chocolate, chips and coffee: The ideal snack combination?

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing writer

Chocolate-covered potato chips aren’t a new idea. It’s a tried-and-true combination that has proven to be a delight over the years. How do you improve on that?

Supermarket chain Seiyu thinks bringing a third flavor into the mix can up the tastiness even more. It’s rolled out a new potato chip that doesn’t just have milk chocolate drizzled on top, but also promises a further coffee twist. While eating a bag (¥110 after tax) won’t give you any extra energy, the package still promises a heady flavor mix, which it almost delivers on.

Rip a bag open, and you’ll definitely get a nice coffee whiff. Actually crunch into the chips, though, and the only taste you really get is the usual salty potato and chocolate, with whatever brew-like aroma not coming across on your tongue. They’re still tasty — the combo is tough to mess up — just a little bit of a letdown after the initial rush of seeing the bag on store shelves. I guess there wasn’t any real need to revamp this flavor in the first place.

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