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The Sugar Forest's macaron sandwiches: Tokyo's next South Korean-inspired dessert trend?

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

South Korea has inspired some of the biggest food trends in Tokyo over the past two years. One of the best dessert creations from the country, however, has managed to fly a bit under the radar: the macaron sandwich.

The Sugar Forest in Koenji is a Korean macaron cafe serving up a mega-stuffed version of the dessert. Open since May of last year, the store sells crayon-bright sweets (¥400 for one) ideal for Instagram feeds. The macaron flavors range from the simple-but-pretty vanilla and chocolate to slightly more complex creations such as Oreo or green tea.

While this macaron sandwich hasn’t experienced the same buzz as other Korean sweets, it’s actually far tastier than most. Despite looking like nothing more than sugary grenades, these treats, particularly the vanilla, caramel and green tea offerings, can be quite balanced. Others, like the strawberry cheesecake, are recommended for sweet tooths, and certainly deliver if that’s what you’re going for. Even visiting on a rainy weekday, Sugar Forest was packed and macarons were going fast. Definitely worth trying before the attention catches up to it.

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