Jin7 Plus Harvest, an artisanal gin produced in collaboration with Ginza 300Bar, Tohoku Bokujo farm in Aomori Prefecture and Oyama Jinhichi Shoten in Kagoshima Prefecture is being served at three branches of Ginza 300Bar in Tokyo, two of which are located in Chuo Ward and the other in Chiyoda Ward.

The Harvest gin tonic, which uses the new original craft gin, is available at the standing bars where drinks are sold for ¥300 plus consumption tax. The gin is also served on the rocks.

Tohoku Bokujo, owned by Ginza 300Bar, produces vegetables without pesticides and chemical fertilizers and breeds chickens using such feed. Oyama Jinhichi Shoten is a long-established shōchū (distilled spirit) maker founded in 1875.

The craft gin features the shōchū maker's fine brewing craftsmanship, as well the farm's fresh spearmint, oregano and kumazasa leaves infused in cocktails and foods served at the bars.

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