Most convenience store desserts rotate with the seasons, but one traditional Japanese sweet, the dorayaki pancake, is always on the shelf.

Since the end of August, Lawson has been selling a unique, chewy Dora Mocchi (¥180 after tax) filled with chocolate chips and whipped cream. The texture of the chocolate pancake is springy, and the crunchy chocolate chips blended into the cream provide much-needed contrast.

Meanwhile, Seven-Eleven's new Mont Blanc Nama Dorayaki (¥203 after tax) takes a classic autumn flavor, chestnut, and mixes it with white bean paste, which complements its rich whipped cream center.

Unlike normal dorayaki, which have a filling sandwiched between two pancakes, FamilyMart's Uji Matcha Cream Dora (¥220 after tax) only has one, which cradles a filling of slightly bitter green tea-flavored whipped cream, sweet red bean jam and a chewy rice-flour dumpling.

You don't need any utensils to eat these. Just hold the pancake with your hands and bite into it!