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Three unique, autumnal takes on the dorayaki pancake

by Haruka Murayama

Staff Writer

Most convenience store desserts rotate with the seasons, but one traditional Japanese sweet, the dorayaki pancake, is always on the shelf.

Since the end of August, Lawson has been selling a unique, chewy Dora Mocchi (¥180 after tax) filled with chocolate chips and whipped cream. The texture of the chocolate pancake is springy, and the crunchy chocolate chips blended into the cream provide much-needed contrast.

Meanwhile, Seven-Eleven’s new Mont Blanc Nama Dorayaki (¥203 after tax) takes a classic autumn flavor, chestnut, and mixes it with white bean paste, which complements its rich whipped cream center.

Unlike normal dorayaki, which have a filling sandwiched between two pancakes, FamilyMart’s Uji Matcha Cream Dora (¥220 after tax) only has one, which cradles a filling of slightly bitter green tea-flavored whipped cream, sweet red bean jam and a chewy rice-flour dumpling.

You don’t need any utensils to eat these. Just hold the pancake with your hands and bite into it!

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