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When Lawson gives you three types of lemons, drink lemonade

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Lemonade has been poised to be Tokyo’s next big drink trend for a while now, and while a handful of specialty stores have popped up around the city, the all-important media frenzy has yet to take off.

Despite this, lemonade has now received a favorable nod from the convenience store gods. As part of its “lemon fair,” Lawson has started selling it in a regular-sized (¥180 after tax) and “mega” version (¥330 after tax).

The actual preparation doesn’t conjure up the dedication that children worldwide have brought to their lemonade stands — workers take out chilled cans and pour the contents into plastic cups — but the drink still offers nice relief from the summer heat.

Lawson claims to use three types of lemons in its drink, and the end result strikes a balance between sour and sweet. It might be slightly overpriced but when the mercury heads into the high 30s, I’ll honestly pay any price.

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