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長崎氏は「富士山登山鉄道は、 (知事選で) 公約に掲げた。公約実現の観点からも最大限努力したい」と話した。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

1月 (いちがつ) January

初当選(はつとうせん)する to be elected for the first time

山梨県 (やまなしけん) Yamanashi Prefecture

長崎幸太郎 (ながさきこうたろう) Kotaro Nagasaki

知事 (ちじ) governor

富士山 (ふじさん) Mount Fuji

麓 (ふもと) bottom

5合目 (ごごうめ) fifth station

つなぐ to connect

登山鉄道 (とざんてつどう) mountain railway

実現 (じつげん) realization

~に向(む)け toward~

2年後 (にねんご) two years later

~をめどに to be scheduled for~

ルート route

案 (あん) plan

など and others

盛(も)り込(こ)む to include

構想 (こうそう) plan

まとめる to draw up

考(かんが)え idea

示(しめ)す to reveal

6月末 (ろくがつまつ) late June

~以降 (~いこう) since~, from~

有識者検討会 (ゆうしきしゃけんとうかい) panel of experts

設置(せっち)する to set up

策定 (さくてい) drafting

作業 (さぎょう) work

入(はい)る to begin

環境 (かんきょう) environment

影響 (えいきょう) impact

経済効果 (けいざいこうか) economic effect

検証(けんしょう)する to study

同日 (どうじつ) the same day

都内 (とない) in Tokyo

開(ひら)く to hold

会合 (かいごう) meeting

青柳正規 (あおやぎまさのり) Masanori Aoyagi

前 (ぜん) former

文化庁 (ぶんかちょう) Agency for Cultural Affairs

長官 (ちょうかん) head, chief

火山学者 (かざんがくしゃ) volcanologist

藤井敏嗣 (ふじいとしつぐ) Toshitsugu Fujii

東大 (とうだい) The University of Tokyo

名誉教授 (めいよきょうじゅ) professor emeritus

噴火 (ふんか) eruption

起(お)きる to happen

たくさんの many

人 (ひと) person, people

避難(ひなん)させる to evacuate (people)

鉄道 (てつどう) railway

~の方(ほう)が便利(べんり) more convenient

賛同 (さんどう) approval, support

意見 (いけん) comment

相次(あいつ)ぐ to happen one after another

~を受(う)けて in response to ~

判断(はんだん)する to decide

氏 (し) Mr., Ms.

知事選 (ちじせん) gubernatorial election

公約 (こうやく) pledge

掲(かか)げる to hold up

観点(かんてん)から in terms of

最大限 (さいだいげん) utmost

努力(どりょく)する to make efforts

話(はな)す to say

Quick questions

1) 富士山登山鉄道とはどんな計画ですか?

2) 計画はいつまとまる予定ですか?

3) 会合で専門家らがこの案に賛成したのはなぜですか?


Yamanashi Prefecture Gov. Kotaro Nagasaki, who was elected for the first time in January, on the 22nd revealed an idea to draw up a plan that includes an outline to work toward connecting the bottom and fifth station on Mount Fuji via a mountain railway on a route scheduled for two years later. He will set up a panel of experts from late June to begin work on drafting the plan. The panel will study the plan’s impact on the environment, economic effects and other issues.

At a meeting held in Tokyo earlier the same day, former Cultural Affairs Agency head Masanori Aoyagi, volcanologist and professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo Toshitsugu Fujii, and many others supported the idea for the railway saying it would be convenient to use the train to evacuate many people in the case of a volcanic eruption. The mayor made the decision in response to the comments.

“I pledged to build a railway on Mount Fuji (during the gubernatorial election campaign). I will do my best to carry out my promise,” Nagasaki said.


1) What is the Mount Fuji railway plan?


The plan is to connect the bottom of Mount Fuji and the fifth station.

2) By when is the plan scheduled to be drawn up?


After two years or so.

3) Why did the experts at the meeting support the idea for the railway?


Because a train would be more convenient in the case where many people need to be evacuated when there is an eruption.

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