A piece of Mexico has embedded itself in the heart of Nakameguro, one of Tokyo's most popular districts. Taco Fanatico, a self-proclaimed "taco specialty store," opened Oct. 19. Situated along the Meguro River, it's nearly impossible to miss and is a straight shot from the station.

Those who live in Tokyo are probably aware that, while Mexican food is not impossible to find, it is struggling to make a name for itself among a sea of Italian restaurants. No disrespect to pasta, but variety is always welcome.

Eager to see what separates this Mexican restaurant apart from the others currently available, I sat down with Ricardo Heredia, a chef lending his talents to Taco Fanatico. The restaurant is relatively small, but the location is prime. There are no tables, just a large counter with seats and the chefs in full view as they prepare the food. Six of them hustle in the background as Heredia and I converse.