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Embrace traditional Japanese flavors with Seven-Eleven's brown sugar kuzukiri

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

In an effort to stand out from their competition this summer, Seven-Eleven is turning to traditional tastes. The chain is bringing out a variety of sweets inspired by classic Japanese flavors, including a handful of matcha-centric treats. But one offering stands out from the pack (mainly because it rejects the green stuff): the brown sugar kuzukiri.

As is Seven-Eleven’s custom, each cup (¥167 after tax) features packaging that keeps the component parts separated. The clear, jelly-like substance isn’t pre-mixed with the brown sugar, oh no buddy, the two are kept separate so you have the pleasure of combining them yourself.

Unless you somehow botch the process, you are guaranteed a solid eating experience. The key is the brown sugar sauce, which adds the sweetness the jelly lacks. It isn’t overwhelming, but it offers just enough of a sugary punch to make it feel like, well, a treat.

The whole thing is served cold, making it all the better for the steamy weeks ahead.

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