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Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon: What's Coke without the fizz?

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

It’s hot out. Accordingly, everyone is seeking out cooler treats to get them through a summer that hasn’t even fully settled in yet. Coca-Cola Japan is betting that people need a fix of cool in 2018, and have introduced a new product that takes their signature soda once more into uncharted territory.

The company’s new Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon (¥130) arrived in the latter part of April, and became a hit on social media almost immediately. The offering pretty much does everything it advertises — Coca-Cola is rendered into a slush-like concoction, with lemon flavoring added. This was no simple feat: Coca-Cola says it took eight years to develop.

Was it worth the effort? That depends on your mood, really.

This frozen Coke certainly offers a convenient, cold and Slurpee-like beverage for a summer’s day, all while more or less replicating the taste of the original drink. But the taste of lemon is tough to pick up on and, in consuming this product, I realized how much I enjoy carbonation and found myself wishing for more fizz.

Still, as a novel way to cool down, it’s a good choice for Coke fiends this summer.

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