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Fairycake Fair's Mocha-chan and Milky-chan: Dog-shaped cupcakes worth picking up while you can

by Patrick St. Michel

New Year’s in 2018 has been pretty cute so far, at least within the world of Japanese retail and food. The Year of the Dog has allowed a lot of creators to show off their cuddly side, from canine-starring card designs to an abundance of desserts shaped to look like man’s best friend.

One of the highlights when it comes to the latter — and one of the few available until the end of January — comes from cupcake store Fairycake Fair. The Tokyo Station-based sweet providers have a pair of dog-shaped cupcakes on sale this month to celebrate 2018. The desserts (¥460 each) come in two varieties — a coffee-meets-hazelnut pooch dubbed Mocha-chan, and a white-chocolate-heavy cupcake called Milky-chan, complete with a chocolate tongue.

Both have their tail-wagging qualities. Milky-chan is the more Instagram-friendly of the two, and delivers a pleasant sweetness thanks to a mix of white chocolate and strawberry jam. Yet it’s also familiar, which is why I personally go for Mocha-chan’s mix of hazelnut cake and coffee cream. It hits both sugary and bitter tastes, but balances out just right. No harm in giving both a shot — they disappear on Jan. 31, after all.

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