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Superfood-fed beef the key to culinary perfection

Since Nov. 1, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi has been offering original Keyakizaka beef at its teppanyaki iron grill restaurant, Keyakizaka.

The beef was developed by Keyakizaka’s chef de cuisine Yoshinobu Honda, in collaboration with Takeuchi Farm in Tokyo’s Akiruno.

Takeuchi Farm is the only farm in Tokyo and is located in an area known for its abundance of nature, greenery and fresh spring water. The farm puts about 140 female cattle on the market every year, all producing A4 or A5-grade beef that is considered the highest-quality wagyu according to Japan’s grading system. Of these, only four or five cattle a month become Keyakizaka beef.

One unique feature of Keyakizaka beef is that the cattle are being fed a mixture of four superfoods, namely quinoa, seaweed, cacao and blueberries. They are also fed only high-quality pure natural water that flows through Akikawa Valley.

Honda had a vision to produce premium, one-of-a-kind beef to serve exclusively in his restaurant. After searching for the perfect farm and cattle for several years, he traveled to Takeuchi Farm in Akiruno for the first time in April, and was finally able to find the high-quality Akikawa cattle that he believed were ideal to serve at Keyakizaka. Honda, together with Keyakizaka staff, visit Takeuchi Farm a few times a month, nurturing the cattle themselves and enhancing their diet by feeding them superfoods.

By collaborating with the local farm, the restaurant is making the best use of locally sourced produce, a dynamic that is becoming increasingly important for the hotel’s discerning guests. This project is just one of many such projects that the hotel is pursuing to embrace sustainable dining.

On the dinner menu is the Keyakizaka Beef Course at ¥26,000, an a la carte tenderloin (120g) at ¥11,500 and a sirloin dish (150g) at ¥10,000. All prices exclude tax and service charge.

The Grand Hyatt Tokyo is three minutes from Roppongi Station.

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