Moscow works to woo Japan’s World Cup fans

Moscow is welcoming Japanese soccer fans to the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The world’s largest soccer event happens to fall in the year when Japan and Russia will hold a bilateral year of culture exchange.

“We will have Japanese-speaking volunteers in Moscow, and hotels will also increase Japanese-speaking staff,” said Tikhnenko Aleksey Aleksandrovich, the head of the Hotel Industry Division, Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow, who visited Japan to attend Tourism Expo Japan 2017, which was held from Sept. 21 to 24.

“Match schedules will be decided in December and Japanese should check out the venues of the Japanese team’s matches and make plans to come,” he said.

For soccer fans from all over the world, acquiring a “Fan ID” badge will allow them to enter Russia without a visa and ride special trains between match venues for free.

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