New lock allows for remote home security

Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. (KKE) began selling RemoteLock, which secures doors remotely, in Japan on Jan. 17, after the Tokyo-based company in the business of disaster risk reduction acquired the marketing rights from the Colorado-based LockState.

RemoteLock also enables the creation of passcodes for locks, sparing the hassle of managing keys, making the device suitable for renting apartments to tourists and other visitors.

Software for the lock enables users to check who enters a house and when, as guests use pre-set passcodes to enter.

RemoteLock is a smart lock with a Wi-Fi connection and users can manage multiple locks via the LockState Connect cloud.

LockState developed and released the device in 2011 and the company currently boasts more than 16,000 users of RemoteLock.

RemoteLock is also a global partner of Airbnb, a service that matches guests and accommodations.

KKE is the only company with the exclusive rights to sell RemoteLock in Japan. The company expects the synergy of the U.S.-made device with its other products related to buildings will see ¥2.5 billion in sales in Japan for fiscal 2020.

For more information about KKE, please visit www.kke.co.jp/en.