Takashi Shibayama's typical day starts at 1 a.m. He wakes up, hurriedly throws on some clothes and sits down to eat the simple breakfast his wife prepares for him — a bowl of rice, miso soup and pickled Kishu ume.

His older brother, Shinichi, picks him up at 2 a.m. and, together, they travel to Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market to work in Shibasen, a family-owned intermediate wholesaler that was founded by Shibayama's grandfather and has been in operation for about 90 years.

The market is already in full swing when the brothers arrive, with traders unloading fish from vehicles by the dozen and turret trucks zipping between stores carrying piles of boxes full of seafood. While much of Japan is in a deep slumber, Tsukiji fish market is full of activity.