Sweet dreams; high-flying fashion; reach the beach in Tokyo

Sweet dreams

British Airways has begun testing a high-tech blanket, known as the happiness blanket, on its flights.

Woven with fiber optic cables, the blanket uses neuro-sensors to measure a person’s brainwaves and changes color from red to blue to reflect their level of relaxation.

The airline hopes that monitoring people’s sleep and relaxation patterns will help them improve their in-flight service, from changing the timing and type of meals served to selecting the genre of films shown.

Last week, a group of volunteers on board the BA189 Dreamliner service from Heathrow to New York were invited to test the high-tech blanket.

“This is the first time this technology has been used by any airline to help shape how service is delivered on board an aircraft,” said Frank van der Post, British Airways’ managing director, brands and customer experience.

Last week it also announced the introduction of “Slow TV” programming, a hypnotic “wallpaper” featuring a seven-hour train journey through Norway, on a number of its long-haul flights.

High-flying fashion

Virgin Atlantic unveiled new uniforms that were designed by legendary British designer Vivienne Westwood in London on July 1.

Inspired by 1940s French couture cutting techniques and Savile Row tailoring, the women will don a double-breasted jacket with matching pencil skirt and hourglass heels, all in Virgin’s signature red. The men will be decked out in a three-piece suit, finished in a deep burgundy Oxford weave.

The design places high value on originality and sustainability. Virgin utilized nanotechnology to turn recycled PET bottles into the polyester fabric, allowing it to be durable and retain its color over long-term wear.

The airline also collaborated with Nairobi’s Ethical Fashion Initiative and the International Trade Centre to create new bags with their iconic wing logo for ground crews.

From September more than 7,500 Virgin Atlantic staff will begin wearing the new uniforms, which comprise 22 pieces in total.

Reach the beach in Tokyo

LCC Vanilla Air has teamed up with Sankei Kaikan to open a resort-themed “Sky Beer Garden Terrasse with Vanilla Air” for July and August near Otemachi Station in Tokyo.

Visitors have to walk up stairs from the third-floor entrance, which has been designed to resemble a boarding ramp — with panels depicting plane windows, wings and the cockpit.

Upon arriving on the terrace on the fourth floor, customers will be greeted with a seaside view, which has been separated into the sea zone with blue lighting and the beach zone complete with beach chairs and surfboards for decoration. Guests will be given wrist bands that look like luggage tags and aprons designed to look like swimsuits.

Additionally, 10 percent discount coupons on Vanilla Air tickets will be given to visitors.