Once a month, Night Gallery Cafe Crow in Roppongi becomes a horror scene straight out of a George A. Romero film, as zombies descend upon the small venue. For more than two years, zombie performance unit Zombiena has been renting out the place every last Sunday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. to hold what it calls a Zombie Bar.

"The bar becomes like a festival during the zombie event," says Meimy, also known as Zombiena No. 001. "The customers jumble together. We'll put one customer with a group of three and they'll become four. It's a bit wild, but that's just how our customers like it."

In addition to a ¥1,500 bar charge, alcoholic cocktails are ¥900 each, with petrifying preparations such as Cocktail of Zombie Virus, Campari of the Dead and Zom-beer. The bartender, Zombiena No. 023, declines to reveal what goes into the drinks, but she does say, "I squeezed the zombie virus from myself."