Plenty of beer has been sunk in Yokohama over the past century and a half since the opening of the port. That tradition is very much alive today, and the city remains one of Japan's strongholds for brewing, from mass-market suds to limited-edition craft ales.

If it's the former that inspire you, then sign up for a tour of the Kirin Beer Village in Yokohama's delightfully named Namamugi (Fresh Barley) district. After inspecting the high-tech production line for 50 minutes, visitors are rewarded with a welcome glass of very fresh lager.

At the artisan beer level, the Yokohama Brewery near Kannai has developed a strong following, and its in-house ground-floor bar, Pivovar, is popular with craft-beer enthusiasts. Despite the Czech name, it offers more than just pilsners, with the Yokohama IPA one of the best on offer. Be warned, the setting is less than scenic and the second-floor restaurant is not worth your time, especially since the barbecue at Baird's Bashamichi Taproom is just down the street.