Yukiko Takeda, 37, is chief makeup artist for Watosa, a skincare line created by famous beauty guru Sablo Watanabe. For the past 15 years, Yukiko has been making women look and feel so beautiful that over 80 percent of her first-time clients turn into hardcore fans who need their fix of "Yukiko magic" on a regular basis. Part counselor and part life guide, her exquisitely customized makeup work reflects each woman's potential in the best possible light. Yukiko inspires women not only with her professionalism but also with her private life: After years of all-work-and-no-play, she recently found her perfect match in the bespoke tailor Yosuke, a 25-year-old ikemen (handsome guy), whose style suits her more than any other man's ever has.

All women are actresses — and with great makeup, they can all be stars. Of course, the fame might only last for 15 minutes, but luckily the makeup stays on a lot longer.

Movies, good food, fashion all contain hints to what makes people happy. When I see a face, I want to know what that person loves, what she does every day, so I can tailor her looks to her lifestyle. Beauty comes from the inside, and my job is to make a woman's aura visible through make-up.