Three years ago in London, Peter Wain held an exhibition of "qianjiang" painting on Chinese porcelain. Under the title "Awaiting Spring," the exhibition was acclaimed as "the first to be held anywhere in the world that is devoted entirely to qianjiang porcelain painting." At the time, Wain explained that this style of porcelain painting flourished in China for nearly 50 years from the second part of the 19th century. The exhibition, he said, broke new ground. He is concerned with making the public aware that appreciation of Chinese ceramics should not be confined to the antique. Much later work and much contemporary work is "100 percent of amazing quality," he said. "My love of ceramics covers all countries and all ceramics whether they are old or contemporary. Trend and fashion should not be part of it."

Peter Wain

He comes from a line of potters that began with his great-grandfather in Stoke-on-Trent, home of pottery in England. As a child he was familiar with the production of Royal Doulton wares, and as a university student he worked at the factory during his vacations.