www.mcspotlight.orgThe first revolution the world eagerly followed the Americans into after World War II went largely unnoticed as a revolution. But perhaps even more than the Internet, fast food has allowed hundreds of millions of people to drastically alter their lifestyles. Now when we discuss the convenience of eating on the run, it’s almost always negative. Check out the vitriol, much of it justified, at McSpotlight.org.

www.angelfire.com/on/izcrew/What.htmlOthers hate McDonald’s so much they accuse it of committing genocide — against cattle raised with little sunlight, no maneuverability and lots of drugs. Sounds like our hamburgers have been introduced to rave culture.

www.mcdonalds.comSince the Golden Arches is sue happy, maybe equal time is a good idea. Actually, the site is worthwhile in that it unintentionally offers a snippet of globalization through its McDonald’s Around the World feature. But the tour is given alphabetically, and the alphabet inexplicably ends at Switzerland. So if you were planning to examine a neocolonialist operation in, say, Thailand, you’re out of luck.

www.thecrave.comWhite Castle wins the Spudster’s pick as best fast-food site because it’s what fast-food is supposed to be: fun. And the rocket-launch sound effects don’t hurt, either. Maybe they’re supposed to be dramatizing “Belly Bombs,” a nickname given to White Castle hamburgers by customers who actually like them. Some others: Sliders, Murderburgers, White Caskets. Then again, maybe the site’s like the food: You’re either gonna love it or hate it.

www.krispykreme.comMmmmm, doughnuts. Believe it or not, Krispy Kreme is one of the most popular search requests on Lycos. The company had its IPO in April, and while the rest of the Nasdaq has been losing, oh, about 3,000 points, Krispy Kreme has gone from $21 to the mid-50s. Mmmmm, IPOs. The site doesn’t take itself too seriously, but then how seriously can you take pictures of doughnuts?

www.clamhead.com/krispykr/index.htmllSome people have so much fun with their new digital kameras and komputers. Like Lorri, Mike and Paul, who depict a pilgrimage to Krispy Kreme as a religious experience.

www.topsecretrecipes.comTake the “fast” out of fast food and make it yourself. Not everything you might be looking for is on this list, which is added to weekly, or at least that’s what it says. But the archive goes back four years, so you’re bound to satisfy one craving or another. How about an Orange Julius, Mrs. Field’s cookies, IHOP pancakes or an In-N-Out cheeseburger?

koppelweb.club.tip.nl/users/rick.van.der.geestNo list of fast-food indulgences would be complete without at least one collectibles link. There are thousands out there, which probably says something about our need to relive our childhoods. This is one of the most thorough, with a gallery, a store and a message board.