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Yann Soenen

Marketing Director
Pernod Ricard Japan

Date of birth: Sept. 13, 1973

Hometown: Brittany, France

Number of years in Japan (cumulative): 6 (as of March 20200

Yann Soenen
Q1: What was your first encounter with Japan?

I came to Tokyo for the first time in December 1998, as a young entrepreneur working for Remy Cointreau. I was looking for the culture shock and for sure, there was one! I remember that back then, just getting the subway price ticket right or finding your way without Google was an achievement and I fell in love with Japan.

Q2: Please state your motto in life and why you have chosen it.

“Make a friend a day” which is a quote from Paul Ricard. The world desperately needs more conviviality and people willing to create memorable and genuine moments of togetherness. With family, friends, colleagues, strangers, I wish to share openly, build trust and create more confidence in humankind and the pleasures in life.

Q3 : Over your career, what achievement are you the proudest of?

Since 2009, I have been especially proud of the continuous growth of Pernod Ricard’s footprint in Japan, blending international wines and spirits with Japanese culture, leading the team to achieve exceptional results on our Champagne and whisky portfolio. Creating Japanese-inspired innovations took me all the way to invent a new sake with a Japanese partner, LINK 8888, launched last December — it’s worth a try!

Q4 : What are your goals during your time in Japan, your current position or in life?

In Japan, my goals are to transform Pernod Ricard to become one of the leaders in the wines and spirits business and to create a team with an entrepreneurial mindset — passionate and fearless, digital first, driven by the passion to grow and to create more conviviality for Japanese society.

Last updated: Mar 30, 2020