Tokyo’s queer scene is finally getting some representation in the world of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Earlier this month, Endigo — a Swedish drag queen, musician and YouTuber based in Japan’s capital — stepped into the “werkroom” of “Drag Race Sverige,” a Swedish off-shoot of drag queen RuPaul’s award-winning reality television show, joining eight other queens who are competing for a cash prize and crown. Their opening line? “Yatto kimashita ne, ‘Drag Race’” (“‘Drag Race,’ here at last”).

Originally a visual-kei rocker from Stockholm, Endigo launched a successful YouTube channel in 2014, specializing in “meme music” and absurd humor. Endigo’s videos also explore their deep love for Japanese pop culture in the form of music, games, cartoons and Harajuku fashion. They took their love a step further by moving to Tokyo in 2019.