Riku Onda’s “Fish Swimming in Dappled Sunlight” starts off as a murder mystery: Aki and Hiro’s mountain trek is suddenly cut short when their guide mysteriously falls to his death and the couple’s relationship is irrevocably changed. A year later, suspecting the other of the guide’s murder, the pair agree to spend one last night together in their soon-to-be vacated apartment before they part ways forever.

Fish Swimming in Dappled Sunlight, by Riku Onda,Translated by Alison Watts.286 pagesBITTER LEMON PRESS, Fiction.

Over the course of the novel, Onda plays with ideas of attraction, truth and memory like building blocks: one piece on top of another in a carefully constructed tower. The chapters stack up in increasingly precarious constructions that defy expectations as the author moves through genres.