Earlier this year The Chemical Brothers were asked to pick out pivotal locations in the dance duo's remarkable near 30-year career.

Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons chose the places with the most emotional resonance: the Manchester address where the pair lived together as they cut their teeth DJing under the moniker 237 Turbo Nutters; the central London pub where their rule-shattering early-1990s Heavenly Sunday Social residency became a magnet for British music's in-crowd; Glastonbury festival, where they cemented dance music's crossover status with some mind-bending, genre-defining spectaculars.

The penultimate stop down memory lane was Fuji Rock Festival. Chems historians wouldn't have been surprised: They first played in 1999, and their live concert film "Don't Think" (2012) was recorded during their 2011 performance. Their headline set this weekend will be their sixth appearance at the festival.