A manga series whose time in the public consciousness peaked years ago? Check. A cast of idol singers whose acting chops are questionable at best? Check. A script in dire need of a rewrite? Check. You guessed it: It's time for another manga-to-live-action adaptation.

Based on a comic of the same name by Norimitsu Kaihou and Sadoru Chiba, "School-Live!" centers around the School Living Club, a group of high school girls who, as the name suggests, live at school. At first, it seems like an idyllic life: the girls (played by members of musical group Last Idol) cook for each other, take classes from their beloved teacher (Nonoka Ono) and hold school festivals.

But it turns out they're holed up at school not by choice, but for survival: They're the only survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Wander too far from their barricaded section of the school, and they risk a chomping from their zombified classmates, who restlessly shuffle back and forth on the school grounds.