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'A Collection of Chinese and Korean Paintings in Yamato Bunkakan'


Aug. 24-Sept. 30

The Museum of Yamato Bunkakan has built an extensive collection of East Asian art, with its painting acquisitions highlighting the cultural and natural characteristics of different regions through landscapes, portraits and pictures of flowers and birds.

This exhibition brings together Chinese and Korean paintings that have been highly acclaimed around the world, including “Secchu Giboku-zu,” a National Treasure by Lee Teki and “Budou-zu” by Lee Keiko.

The Museum Yamato Bunkakan; 1-11-6 Gakuen Minami, Nara. Gakuenmae Stn. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. ¥620. Closed Mon. 0742-45-0544;

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