In Japan, it's said that "autumn is the season for the arts." One film festival appears to share the sentiment.

Taking place from Oct. 17 to 23 at two venues in Tokyo, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Cinema Carnival Autumn will celebrate the pinnacle of contemporary short film.

Among the shorts to be screened are "Midnight of My Life," starring Martin Freeman as English rocker Steve Marriott, and the delightfully awkward Steve Buscemi in "Mildred & The Dying Parlor." Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia representative Hideyuki Takahashi recommends Kristof Deak's "Sing," which won the Grand Prix in the International Competition this year. "I really like when Zsofi confides in Liza about her 'secret', " he says. "The way Liza comforts her really makes it a touching scene."