Music in 2016 is every bit as focused on the eyes as it is the ears. Videos play a pivotal role in helping artists stand out in the digital age. One viral clip can break a previously unknown name, or bling up existing acts.

"When I'm making a music video, it's almost like I'm constructing how people will view the band," visual artist and video director Kento Yamada says, tired but thoughtful after a night of filming. "I can almost decide how the world will see these bands, since YouTube has such strong power."

Yamada serves as VJ in rising electronic quintet yahyel, crafting colorfully disorienting videos and live visuals apt for the group's songs. He has created clips for other artists, from garage rockers Tempalay to the rapper IO. His work for Suchmos' "Stay Tune" has racked up over 3 million YouTube views, helping define the band's image and push them into the mainstream.