Seiho Hayakawa knows how to work a room. After his show at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn — a performance that saw him thrashing his long hair back and forth to electronic beats — the Osaka-born musician takes a walk through the crowd. He chats with the locals and poses for selfies. The overall verdict is that he's pretty charming.

In fact, the 29-year-old's charm offensive seems to be working in many areas. Speaking to The Japan Times last week, pop star Akiko Yano also sang Hayakawa's praises. They worked together on her album "Welcome to Jupiter" last year. More recently, he collaborated with J-pop star Daichi Miura on his track "Cry & Fight."

When The Japan Times spoke to Hayakawa in 2012 it was for the release of "Mercury" on his own Day Tripper Records label. Since then he has managed to climb the ranks of the country's independent electronic music scene and, along with Takuma Hosokawa (aka Avec Avec), released an album on a major label as Sugar's Campaign ("Friends," 2015). Hayakawa has now released his third solo album, "Collapse," via Matthewdavid's Leaving Records based out of Los Angeles. It's being released in Japan via Beatink.