There are just two installations in the exhibition "Robert Morris and Kishio Suga" at Blum & Poe's fifth-floor gallery in Harajuku: Morris' "Lead and Felt" and Suga's "Parameters of Space." However, there are a number of correspondences between these two artists that make their pairing engrossing and relevant.

Morris, a U.S. sculptor and conceptual artist, is associated with the development of minimal art in the 1960s and Suga with the Japanese Mono-ha group that emerged later that same decade. Mono-ha was informed by minimal art and associated movements, such as land art, so there is a history of call-and-response between the two artists.

Both the works on display are also historical. "Lead and Felt" was first exhibited in 1969 at the Castelli Gallery in New York, and "Parameters of Space" was shown around a decade later in 1978 at Gallery Saiensu in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. There is a compelling spatial and aesthetic relationship between these related but historically and geographically distinct works.