The first full album from Suchmos, titled, "The Bay," is just the kind of soundtrack you need for a Saturday night. The band's name is adapted from Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, and "The Bay" gives a nod to the jazz legend with the kind of smooth beats and guitars that could fill one of Yokohama's small jazz spots — it's classic, but updated.

Disco-infused hip-hop opener "YMM" sounds like something Pharrell Williams might come up with, while the breezy acid jazz on "Gaga" oozes the effortless cool of Jamiroquai in his prime. Suchmos is good at crafting melodies that flow seamlessly from one verse to the next and "Miree," with its carefree vibe, is a standout for this very reason.

A lot the credit goes to frontman Yonce. He opts for English on "Get Lady" and his crooning falsetto reinforces the song's sensuality. He flaunts his high register yet again on "Pacific," but here it has the effect of conjuring up an image of chilling out by a beachside bonfire.

"Fallin,' " is the album's moodiest track thanks to its smoky guitars and thudding bass line. Yet like other tracks, it never loses its grip on telling a starry-eyed, romantic story that captures the magic of a summer night.